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Post by Incantare »

Okay, well I personally like to beta stories as much as I like to write them :lol:.

Name: Incantare

Experience: I've beta-ed a couple stories for Twilight, but I'm most famous around my school for being a master proof-reader. All my friends say I have a career in editing.

Strengths: I'm brutally honest. Also, anything technical like spelling mistakes, verb confusion, wrong synonym, tense, etc. just jumps right out at me. I almost never miss it.

Weaknesses: I'm brutally honest :lol:. Also, I often have a hard time seeing the story as a whole, outside the small technicalities.

Ratings: Any and all of them.

Couples: I'm a die hard Edward/Bella, but I'd be glad to read any reasonable pairing within the realm of Twilight.

Fandoms: Preferably Twilight; it's the one I have the most experience in.

Crossovers: Like Dumbledore meets the Cullens? Er...again, as long as it's reasonable.

Availabilty: I'm on almost every day, and I beta very quickly.

Do I write: yep. It's where I get my knack for reading from :lol:.

Prospective authors- I'd love to read your story!
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Post by Crespusculo_Rising »

Name: Crepusculo_Rising

Experience: I have edited stories for my friends many times before and have done beta-ing for several friends on

Strengths: I'm very picky about spelling mistakes and such. Also, I'm very good at catching repeated words/phrases. I'm good at providing variation and I'm extremely picky with tenses, as many people switch from present to past without even realizing. This drives me crazy, so I always catch it.

Weaknesses: I sometimes get carried away. It's possible to nitpick too much. I might forget that this is YOUR story, not mine and start to edit my way. If I do this, just yell at me. :D

Ratings: ALL

Couples: I have particular couples I'm fond of, but even if it isn't a pairing I prefer, it doesn't affect my editing.

Fandom: As long as it's a story I've read or at least know about, I'm fine with it. Twilight and Harry Potter are my forte.

Crossovers: Sure. Well, as long as they're in the realm of possibility. House elves and vampires don't mix well...

Availability: I'm on everyday, anytime after 4:00 central time. I read very quickly, so it doesn't take long to beta.

Do I write: Yep. I write mostly fanfiction myself, but I'm in progress with a original novel.

Even if it's not to beta, I'd still like to read your story. All the ideas bouncing around out there are just waiting to be read!!! :D

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Post by Apolla Savre »

Beta reader thingy:
Name: Apolla Savre (call me Apolla)
Beta exp.: I edit for school papers and have gone through my friends stories and stuff
Strengths: ability to criticize constructively, notice odd patterns and point out where things need work for various reasons: weakness of paragraph, unnatural phrasing, etc. Spelling, for the most part and if I'm familiar with said topic, point out errors in accuracy.
Weaknesses: I am afraid to tell you the honest truth, so I might sugar coat it a bit, but I do my best to tell you honestly what I think without hurting you.
Ratings: any
Couples: most canon, uncanon, I do not know what het is so I might take it, that may change if I get one that I do not like, I will not take slash. It confuses the heck out of me, and unfortunatley for some Star Wars fans, I won't take any involving Mara Jade & Luke, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I rant and rave for too long. Sorry!
Fandoms: If I know it, I'll take it. So ask me!
Crossovers: if they go together, I will not take crossovers like...Hangman's Curse and Star Trek (they're really isn't any compatability)
Availability: I'm available often, however I won't be for August or some summer months-I tend to go on trips (aka VACATION!!) then. And if I have a term paper or something, I won't be available then because I check my classmates'.
Do I write: Yes, actually, I've written over 30 short (ha!) stories, and have about two that are novels and one that is way too long (700 pages and rising!) Plus I have some fan fiction up on under Apollaskywalker.
Comments: I love reading stories! They're all great in their own way! And even if it's not a fan fic, I'd still love to read it and give you my opinion.
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Post by Stephanie_Lee »

Name: Stephanie

Experience: A few stories online, and countless school papers (fiction and non).

Strengths: Spelling, making things flow.

Weaknesses: Changing whole things or ideas.

Ratings: Any

Couples: Any that fit well.

Fandom: Any that I know-- Twilight, Harry Potter, and AGATB for example. No anime, but otherwise ask me! Oh, and I'll also do original work if you'd like.

Crossovers: Sure, so long as they're not... you know what I mean.

Availability: I'm on every day, more during the night time.

Do I write: Yes, but not often. I don't attract many readers, and I figure :I know what would happen in my head, why write it down:. But I do write sometimes.
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Post by Red_Ink »

I've found a Beta. :)
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Post by t1gr355 »

Name: t1gr355 ... or Sanchia, which is much easier.
Beta Experience: Never online, but my friends call me their "Walking Dictionary" (I check over their essays and stuff before they hand them in to be marked).
Strengths: Let them try to find a single spelling mistake after I've been through it. Just let them try. Plus I'll help you with grammar, synonyms, sentence flow, even devices in your story, if that's what you want. Think of me as a writer without ideas!
Weaknesses: Well, I'm British, so I may have trouble with Americanisms or US spellings ...
What ratings will you do?: Don't mind.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Again, don't mind.
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight mainly, but there are a few others. You'd do best to just ask me specifically.
Will you do crossovers?: Yes, but they have to be good!
Availability: (Was that misspelt on purpose to test us? LOL!) I'm online pretty much everyday ... I'm a pretty quick reader (e.g. I read Eclipse in about 3 hours?)
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Post by t1gr355 »

Damned edit button.

I really should have checked my post on the Beta thread, of all threads.
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I have trouble with coherence. Please bear with me.

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Post by leiahlaloa »

Name: Leiahlaloa... or Leah... for short.

Experience: Hmm.. well.. I've edited for thesunshinekid on And well.. I'm the managing editor of my college newspaper, assistant editor of the magazine I'm working at, and I have a long proofreading relationship with a friend from way back in my Nsync fanfiction days... enough?

Strengths: I'm pretty strict with spelling, grammar, repeated words/phrases. To quote my boss "I like interesting words. No repeats if you can help it." I'm also great with helping people out of writer's blocks. Mostly because if you've given me a few chapters and then you're stuck... I'll tell you what would happen in the story if I were writing it... or I try to guess what happens next. More often than not.. that fleshes out what the writer wants to say... and what they don't.

Weaknesses: I'm pretty meticulous, which is a good thing, but sometimes I get a little carried away with it. I have been known to change WHOLE sentences... because the flow feels all wrong to me... and in result screwed up the writer's train of thought or personal flow... and that's just bad. I have been called on it and now use the highlighter tool to pick out sentences that need to be rewritten... so you can expect a lot of that from me.

Ratings: ALL

Couples: I have a serious problem with Bella being paired with Emmett, Japser and Carlisle. Mostly because they already have mates. So... none of those please. Otherwise... I'm open minded.

Fandom: Let's leave it in the Twilight Fam.

Crossovers: uhm... I see crossovers as a chance for comedy... I can't take crossovers very seriously if they aren't comedy. So... if it'll tickle my funny bone... bring it on. Otherwise... I'm not so much on the cross overs.

Availability: I'm on everyday at least once to check my e-mail and to answer reviews.

Do I write: Oh yeah... I have an entire 1 GB folder full of my own writing. Original fiction, Twilight fanfiction, poetry, articles for the newspaper I edit, articles for my magazine, press releases, copy for the news show I work on... the list goes on and on.

You would think I wouldn't have time to be a beta... but I'm always ready for a challenge. And even with school starting again soon, there will be holes in my schedule. HUGE holes.

I can take on two writers at a time, so if someone needs a beta... shoot me a message.
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Post by Aoi Sakura »

Name: Aoi Sakura

Beta Experience: I haven't done any beta reading for Twilight fanfiction, but I was thinking it would be very fun. And then I found this thread! On the plus side, I proof-read all my friends essays and original or fanfiction stories.

Strengths: I'm very good at getting the picture out of your head and on to the paper. I have found that prompting more details makes the story much more interesting, as fewer details makes it unclear. I also am fairly good with grammar, although there may be a few things I miss.

Weaknesses: Spelling's my main weakness, but I usually can tell when it's spelled wrong, and then it's just a matter of looking it up.

What ratings will you do?: I won't do anything above PG-13 (or whatever rating matches that level).

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): I can do canon or un-canon, but no het or slash, please.

What Fandoms will you do?: I could do any fandoms for basic editing, but if it's accuracy with the real story and characters that you are looking for, check with me first. I am familiar with a wide range of books/movies/shows, so you never know. However, sometimes it's good to have someone not familiar with it to look it over, to make sure no one would get confused. :)

Will you do crossovers?: I'm not the biggest fan of cross-overs, but I know there have been some very good ones, so I'm willing to be open-minded about this one.

Avaliblity: School's starting end of August, but I have plenty of time on weekends and during lunch breaks. However, after about February, I have to spend all of my time studying for my AP and IB exams, so until the middle of May, I won't have much time at all. If you don't mind the slow rate during that time, I'd love to have something to do besides studying every once-in-a-while.

I love to read stories of all kinds, so even if I don't beta for you, I hope I get to read your story. :D
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Post by YankeeDoodleDandy »

Name: YankeeDoodleDandy, YDD for short

Beta Experience: None other than looking through some of my friends' English papers for mistakes they could fix content and grammar wise. I've been reading all kinds of fanfiction for a while now and I can barely get through a chapter that's filled with grammar and spelling mistakes. I can't stop correcting every single mistake in my mind and lose what the entire purpose of the chapter was by the time I get to the end of it.

Strengths: As mentioned above, spelling and grammar are my strong points. I can also help with dead ends in a story's plot because I've got a bunch of ideas swimming around in this big ol' head of mine.

Weaknesses: I get pretty through in my corrections. Because I have read so much fanfiction, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and I'm not afraid to tell you if your story is headed in the direction of the latter two of those three. No sugar coating here!

What ratings will you do?: Any.

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Bella paired with ANY of the Cullens other than Edward is my biggest no-no for Twilight fanfiction. I'm open to anything other than that.

What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight (obviously), Harry Potter, Maximum Ride, the Mediator, Midnighters

Will you do crossovers?: Nope. Not my cup of tea.

Availability: Because school is starting up again soon, Fridays after 3:30 pm (eastern standard time) and anytime on Saturdays.

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