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Post by FloatingMuffins »

Name: Lucy
Beta Experience: Friend's fanfics and essays, some other fanfiction
Strengths: I can correct OOC's and have a good eye for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.
Weaknesses: I am often wordy and phrase things awkwardly, so I won't notice those things.
What ratings will you do?: K-T Preferably T
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): only canon
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight, and some Office (US)
Will you do crossovers?: No
Avaliblity: During the summer (In California) I am available most of the time, but not in during the school year.
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Post by colorhopeyellow »

Name: Kelsey, ColorHopeYellow

Beta Experience: I have helped many friends and family check their papers and stories.

Strengths: Grammar, Plot, Can Help make the story flow, Fast Respones. I will also tell you what I think about how you are going with characterization and plot. Sorry I am very opinionated.

Weaknesses: Spelling, and the lack of experience with people I don't know personally, but I am actually very friendly.

Ratings: Any, but I do prefer M. (I like the citrus^^)

Couples: Canon mostly, I really don't like to stray from whatever the fanfic is being produced from. I also have no problems with homosexuallity. Mostly anything that could seem probable.

Fandoms: Hmmm... Twilight, Inuyasha, FAKE, Buffy, FMA, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Janet Evanovich, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, and you can just ask me and I will look into the series to see if I could help you.

Crossovers: Not really, but I will consider it.

I am avalible during the summer (in VA) and most of the time in the school year. I am a junior and I will be busy but I also don't sleep alot.

If I am needed please email me at,

Thank you for looking at my beta profile.
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Post by Aynsley »

Hey, is there anyone out there willing to beta a story that isn't fanfiction? It actually has nothing to do with Twilght at all, actually. But I'm looking for readers (at least two or three) who don't know me at all, and will probably be more honest.

This is NOT a YA stories. It has adult activities in it that are not procreation activities, so I would prefer readers that are out of high school, at least. (I'm not saying you can't read it anyway, but don't complain that something traumatized you.)

So, if you have a lot of time on your hands, PM me.
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Post by Kim »

Name: Kim (sciencefreak330 on, veritas on Pel's site)

Beta Experience: I don't have any official experience, but I do act as editor for my friends' stuff and for my own stories. I really enjoy beta-ing whenever I get the chance.

Strengths: I am very good at pointing out errors and helping to fix them. I am very good at grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. I am also a very critical reader, so I have an eye for characterization and plot development.

Weaknesses: Run-on sentences. I am horrible at noticing them in my own writing, and only slightly better at others. I do, however, know how to fix them once I actually spot them.

Ratings: Any.

Couples: Canon and non-canon. I do not do slash.

Fandoms: Mostly Twilight and Harry Potter, but I will do others (see my favorite movies, books, etc. on my fanfiction profile to see other fandoms I am willing to beta).

Crossovers: No. Sorry, they're just not my thing.

Availability: I am always available. The only exception is from July 10-20 this year, for I will be out of the country during that time.

Comments: I really do love to help improve others stories as it helps me to improve my own. Plus, it's really fun! I promise you will recieve a response within 48 hours of my recieving your story. If you would like me to Beta, just PM me.
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Post by CéliAmbre »

Name: Céli
Beta Experience: Nothing official. Beta reading school stuff, and actually I love finding mistakes in books that recently came out, I've found many. I used to write a lot, not anymore though, but I'm very understanding.
Strengths: Vocabulary, at least my class says so (I guess because I can talk mother tongue french, which has many latin words), Grammar and Spelling (because I am German, and German has so much hard, latin-related Grammar), checking if it makes sense in the rules of the Twilight books (gosh, did I phrase that correctly? Well, Stephenie's Q&A, the werewolves and vampires and how they work, Bella's past, etc. is what I mean)
I love long stuff, long sentences and paragraphs etc.
Weaknesses: I'm no mother tongue english-speaker. That's part of it, but what I mostly mean is that sometimes I don't understand stuff that is typical american, i.e. jokes, bands, TV series and movies, foods, base-ball and other sports, history, shops, clothes, celebrities, sarcasm, slang and this kind of stuff.) (But hey, see the other side: I know travelling and the world well, politics, Europe, international stuff, I'm very open-minded about everything, i.e. sense of humour, sexuality, new things...)
Also, I'm not very ponctual and don't often have a lot of time, sorry.
And sometimes I'm not easy-going enough, I am too strict on mistakes and have troubles finding the sense in stuff.
What ratings will you do?: Anything
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Anything
What Fandoms will you do?: Not many, unfortunetly. Harry Potter, Twilight Series, The Host, some other stuff. Just ask me.
Will you do crossovers?: I would, yes, if you want me to
Availability: Always, because I often miss out on some sleep to work anyway, but of course I like to have a lot of time. I'm often on the net though, so you usually don't have to wait often. PM me and I'll give you my e-mail address.

Ok, the proof that I'm very strict on spelling mistakes: Like most others, I copy&pasted the questions, but I noticed and changed the mistakes in "Availability." I can't leave any mistakes in something, it's kind of annoying when it's not useful :D
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Post by Auron »

Name: Auron, but you can call me Abbi. ;)
Beta Experience: Numerous Star Wars fanfictions and too many Language Arts papers to count.
Strengths: Grammar, Spelling, natural dialogue, and descriptions
Weaknesses: Typos, real-life scenarios.
What ratings will you do?: Whatever.
What couples will you do? Anything as long as it's straight.
What Fandoms will you do?: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Twilight, things like that.
Will you do crossovers?: Yes
Avaliblity: Open 24/7. :)
Comments: You email me a story or PM me, and I'll probably get a reply back to you within 48 hours unless there's a family emergency going on. :D

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