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Post by dragon-girl »

Anyone want to do a quick beta for a Twilight fic?

It's in canon, though pre-Twilight.

I only have the prologue done at the moment, and that is only about a page long, so it wouldn't take much time to go over. I really just want an opinion on whether this is a good idea to continue.

You can see my other stories, on Pel's site, here: ... hp?uid=231

Please PM me!
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I'll beta!

Post by Patrick-Henry »

Hey, everybody! I am always available to beta.

Name: Patrick- Henry. That's me on fanfiction, too.
Beta Experience: Lots. I proofread, I beta, and have for years. I kind of have a thing about grammar mistakes. I love finding them in books.
Strengths: Fixing sticky wording. Adjectives.
Weaknesses: Spelling. But don't fear, I've got spellcheck.
What ratings will you do?: Anything under M. [Sorry, this is a revision...I changed my mind. I'll do it if you want, but no newcomers, please...]
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Anything. I like fresh ideas. Although old-style, Edward/Bella is best. You know it.
What Fandoms will you do?: Whatever. If I haven't read it, give me the title. I read fast.
Will you do crossovers?: Heck yes! Sometimes these are the best out there!
Avaliblity: Pretty much every day except Saturday. I'm a busy girl- school and a swimteam. But I try to check my email at least once a day. And I read fast.
Read my Writing: I would not ask someone to beta for me if they hadn't. So I wrote Return, on Fanfiction. And I'm a blogger, if you want to get serious. Just PM me.
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Post by Twirlonwater »

I am looking for a beta. I was personally a beta for numerous writers in the harry potter fandom, but I cannot truly look at my own writing and tear it apart. It would be great if you were extremely critical and be patient with me. :) I have a tendacy to just sit down one day and just write. It tends to come out the first time as a bit of garbage, and I try to make it better and better. However, I would really appreciated another set of eyes to both look at the plot/characters and the mechanics/punctuation/etc/

The story I am writing is romance/tradegy into a romance/humor eventually. It is slightly AU, but it will morph into more of a normal fanfiction.

Feel free to PM me, or just let me know if you are interested.

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Post by vampbylua »

Name: Betty
Beta Experience: I used to write HP fanfic and I used to beta for a whole bunch of friends.
Strengths: I'm really good with the fluency and believability of stories. Good with staying in character. And I'm a pretty good speller :D
Weaknesses: Grammar is kind of an issue for me -.- But not to fear, I try my best..
What ratings will you do?: Anything
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): I prefer canon but I'm open to anything.
Avaliblity: I'm usually really busy with school, but the spare time I have, I spend it reading or on here (with friends too -.-). Even if I don't have time, the writer could always e-mail me the story to my school account and I can beta read during a study hall.
What Fandoms will you do?: Just about anything!
Will you do crossovers?: I don't know what that is but i have an idea so SURE :D
Read my Writing: I haven't written anything in forever :/

You can PM me if you are interested! :DD

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Post by Cocoa_Blush »

Name: Cocoa_Blush
Beta Experience: none online but essay work for my friends

Strengths:spelling, sentence flow, Creativity especially when you have writers block
Weaknesses: a bit iffy with my commas
What ratings will you do?:M
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): all except slash
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight, Harry Potter i'm really good with dramione so if your into that i'm your person.
Will you do crossovers?: maybe if it's convincing
Avaliblity: 2 hrs a day just PM me.
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Post by Elena Cullen »

Name: Elena
Beta Experience: I have edited essays and have dabbled in stories from time to time in the past
Strengths: fluency and spelling
Weaknesses: I focus a lot on the presentation...
What ratings will you do?: any rating
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): again, I'm open for anything
What Fandoms will you do?: Any fandom, but if I'm not familiar with it, I will warn you ;)
Will you do crossovers?: sure
Avaliblity: Any time

as you can see I'm pretty flexible...although I am new to this site, I am not new to fanfiction

just PM me if you need anything~

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Post by anphelps »

Name: Angel
Beta Experience: None really. However, being a college student, I'd like to believe that all my time spent writing paper after paper would pay off here lol. And almost every spare minute I'm not doing homework, practicing piano, or out drinking (lol, not really, but... eh, that's what weekends are for riiiight??) I read fanfiction.
Strengths: Grammar, spelling, structure and flow. I was valedictorian in high school if that makes a difference :mrgreen:
Weaknesses: I'm only really familiar with doing fanfic with Twilight and Blood Ties (the TV series that used to be on Lifetime). I'll give you a heads up if I'm not entirely familiar with the fandom you're writing for.
What ratings will you do?: Any. I especially prefer comedies, so long as they're at least a bit in canon.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): I'd prefer not to do slash, but I'll read almost anything. I have an open mind.

Hit me up on here with a PM or you can message my Myspace.

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Post by PhieLine »

I've wanted to be a beta forever! I LOVE to improve other's writing, and I'm EXTREMELY adjustable - I can be whatever you want me to be!

Name: PhieLine...However, you may call me Phie!
Beta Experience: I'm new to the fan fiction society, so I haven't done any online. However, I was always the 'editor' in school projects, plus for a newspaper at my old job.
Strengths: Fluency, spelling, structure. Like I said, I'm also very adaptable. If you're looking for someone who will point out every weakness in your story, I can do that. If you're looking for someone to only give you minor pointers, I can also do that!
Weaknesses: Plot. I can only do so much with that, as you are willing to let me. I won't initiate any plot suggestions, unless I know how you want it to be first.
What ratings will you do?: Any rating is fine with me.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Bring 'em all on!
What Fandoms will you do?: It depends on what I know. I've never been a large YA reader, but I do know a few.
Will you do crossovers?: Depends on the crossover.
Availiblity: I'm fairly available. I come online once a day, and besides weekends, most nights I would be willing.
Written Work: I've written many pieces of original work, plus I'm working on one fan fiction as of current. Feel free to PM me if you want to read part of it - just to get a feel for how I write.
(Also, I've gotten private tutoring by an author/college professor, named Christine Peets. She's written many editorials, plus a self help book about her mother's alcoholism. She's awesome, I would suggest her book to everyone. It's very inspirational!)

So anyways, to those looking for a beta, please feel free to message me! I LOVE to edit, and am totally willing to take on whatever you want me to!

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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

Name: Edwardisanangel! but you can call me Crystal.
Beta Experience: I've betaed one fic for a friend of mine, and I'm currently betaing 2 novels for other friends. Very good grades in English always.
Strengths: Grammar and spelling. I can also help with story flow.
Weaknesses: Plot. I don't know what you want your story to be about, although I can help give suggestions.
What ratings will you do?: Anything as long as its not vastly a strong Teen or PG-13 probably.
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Any, as long as it makes sense and has buildup. You can't just randomly put Bella with Mike without any explanation. (Oh, and I'm not totally into Edward-Jake Fics, but I can still help out with grammar.)
Availibility: I'm on the internet almost every day without exception, at least an hour a day. Just PM me and I'll answer quick.
Do you write?: Yes. I'm working on 2 novels at the moment and I've written some fanfiction. My profile is
Comments: Ummm...thats me! I'm a great beta, I promise!
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Post by darkangel_8694 »

I will be someone's beta, and I wouldn't mind having one, either. I've been sending out a plea for one, so please, if you are interested in being one! I would LOVE to be someone's beta, if you would like, though.
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