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Post by AnotherTwilight »

Well, I obviously need a beta so here goes.

I'm writing a story that at the moment just uses the Twilight version of vampires but may at some point include some of the Twilight characters, I'm still not sure. The rating probably won't be more than PG - 13, but there are points that could get graphic so I'm not sure. I think this is a pretty interesting idea for a story but again that's just my opinion. :lol: If your interested I could give you a little sample so you can see if you would like to help or not. Please contact me through the private messaging thing or e-mail me Thanks! Alyson
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Post by red_eyes989 »

I'm new here and I'm kind of new to writting for Twilight so I need a beta to help me out, to give me more ideas to make my story better, grammer and spelling corrections, you know they usual. It's just a one-shot, so don't worry. If you are interested in helping me PM me please, I need one really really soon :looks up hopeful:

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Post by Stellar »

Name: Felicia

Beta Experience: None at the moment, though, I edited my own stories and I have improved my written English greatly. In English class, I have a 90 average, which is an achievement for my Honors class (my teacher taught 11 AP last year and is the hardest English grader), and I have received 100s or 90s on any grammar test taken. Simply e-mail me (my email is listed below) if you want to see a sample of any story I've edited.

Strengths: Punctuation: Commas, colons, semicolons, the double dash, the apostrophe. Vocabulary, parallelism, among others.

Weaknesses: My two main weaknesses are commas and verb tenses. With commas, some aspects of the comma I am good at, while others I am not; with verb tenses, I switch tenses too often. I know there are others, but I can't think of them at the moment.

What ratings will you do?: Anything. I'm mature and I don't mind blood/gore.

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): Pretty much anything, but I will only do slash on couples I like (specifically, slash in other fandoms).

What Fandoms will you do?: I'll do Twilight, but if you have another fandom, talk to me about it first. If you'd like, I can give you a list of fandoms I like and don't mind editing or you can ask me if I would edit your particular fandom. I like many fandoms (and I mean many), so don't be afraid to ask.

Will you do crossovers?: As long as I understand the storyline and like both fandoms. :)

Availability: I haven't been on the Lexicon in a really long time and don't really plan on coming back too much. You can e-mail me at Now that I have mobile e-mail on my phone, I will check my messages daily. I will try to return your story the same day, but depending on the length and the amount of schoolwork I have to do, it may be returned in the next 1-2 days. But, if I know I have a busy schedule beforehand, I will definitely tell you.

If you would like me to beta for you, please e-mail me. :)

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Beta needed

Post by Saiyachick »

Hello. I need someone to Beta a few one-shots that I have. Some are pretty short, and a few of the one-shots can be a bit long. My penname is Saiyachick on

These are Twilight one-shots. I would appreciate it if I could find a Beta. Please PM me on here or if you could Beta for me. Thank you.
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Looking to Beta

Post by TwilightPrncssB »

Name: Ella

Beta Experience: None recently....however....I have been reading fan-fiction for over 8 years. I also have a two year degree in journalism so I like to think that I can write and edit.

Strengths: Punctuation! I am also very good with Imagery and the placement of deeper hidden meaning. :) Also being a bit obsessive I consider a assured I would read your chapter through many many times.

Weaknesses: My main weekness would have to be verb tenses in my own writing. That doesn't really affect my beta-ing of other stories because of my tendency to be obsessive.

What ratings will you do?: I will do any ratings that you can thow at me. Rest assured that I am old enough to handle it.

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): I will beta for just about any couple. I am not big into writing slash fics but I will be more then happy to beta slash.

What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are the main fandoms that I would do but I can do anything if you are merely looking for grammar, punctuation, and conherence. If you want me personally to understand the plot...I will do it as long as I have read/seen it. Feel free to ask.

Will you do crossovers?: You bet!

Availability: I have pretty open availability. You can contact me on AIM as TwilightPrncssB, PM, or e-mail me. If you are posting your chapters on a timeline...please let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. If you IM me please let me know right away that you found me here. (I get a spam IM's sometimes and instantly panic and block if you don't let me know) ;)

I am very familiar with (have written and read on there for years and years) but I can do other formats as well!
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Post by lisajane »

Name: Lisa Jane

Beta Experience: None directly to do with fanfiction, however I have written a lot of fanfiction, I've run (and will currently run once it's up again) fanfiction websites, I write original pieces myself, and I've edited a few real-life publications. Also acted as a beta for several original pieces of fiction on a writing website, as well as being a mentor there.

Strengths: Degree in professional/creative writing.

Weaknesses: I tend to rip into people's writing, and pull it apart... I'm a very harsh critiquer. But it's only to make the writing better.

What ratings will you do?: All. I prefer the higher ratings *winks*

What couples will you do?: I'm not a fan of yaoi fiction... nothing personally against it, I'm just not a fan.

What Fandoms will you do?: Whatever you throw at me, I will warn you first if I'm not familiar with the fandom, and I will avoid critiquing in the actual fandom side of things.

Will you do crossovers?: No.

Avaliblity: Most evenings. For one shots, I will do in one sitting; for anything long, I may take up to a week (busy lifestyle!)

Please contact me via pm on this site... I don't like people adding me on MSN out of the blue!

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Post by eternalxxtwilight »

Sorry this is out of format and all that but I just needed to do some explaining. I was betaing for about three people and I had a huge computer crash a couple of weeks ago...I lost literally everything...even my PMs which is weird. So I just wanted to say to those who I was betaing for I AM SO SORRY! I didn't mean to never get back to you!

thanks to csblueyes...couldn't find a way to get in touch to ask you for permission...sorry

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Post by xxdelilahcullen »

Name: Real Name is Ismahan, but everyone calls me Ishy

Beta Experience: I've Beta a lot of fanfictions, for mostly close friends and pen pals. Ive been a Beta for about 3 years, since I was introduced to my love for English. I currently take AP English, I have a bad habit in correcting people when they talk, and I get paid to edit student's essays.

Strengths: AP English, I take English courses in Columbia [It's in NY if you don't know] I'm good with grammar and spelling.

Weaknesses: I'm very critical when it comes to editing and I will spend about 10 minutes at times reading one sentence and trying to fix it if it doesn't sound right. I also have OCD [Obsessive Compulsive Disorder] so I'm kind of hard to deal with at times.

What ratings will you do?: All. But I find lower ratings, like "K" quite boring.

What couples will you do?: Anything except Yaoi and Yuri.

What Fandoms will you do?: Any. I'm familiar with them.

Will you do crossovers?: If they are completely ridiculous, I will refuse to do it. But if the crossover makes sense, I might do it. For example, Blood and Chocolate and Twilight makes sense to do a crossover.

Availability: I'm available anytime, you can PM me or send me an email to I might be busy on weekdays at times, high school is a drag, but I will make time, especially if the fanfiction is really good.
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This is a weird one...

Post by Jaguaresssss »

Hiyah, um, I've got kind of a weird request to make.

Currently, I'm looking for two different beta's, maybe just one if they're extremely patient. But, you kind of have to have a VERY lenient sense of humor.

I was thinking of doing a short, comical one-shot that's a Warriors/Twilight crossover. (If you don't know what Warriors is, don't even bother). Where I write a short narrative about what it's like being a vampire-cat. It's meant to be funny, so try not to take it too seriously.

Also, I'm thinking of doing a Midsummer Night's Dream/Twilight crossover. This is another one that's meant to be humorous, so don't be all like, "Wow, your writing sucks. I think I'm going to go cry in the corner, because you've emotionally scarred me, you moron." I'm still kind of in the planning process with this one, since it's going to be a multi-chapter whatever you want to call it. Also, I'm doing it in play format. I've kind of put this one on hold and only work on it when I desperately need inspiration for my other fanfictions, but I plan to start taking it seriously soon.

The reason why I posted this instead of pm'ing whoever looked like a willing beta, is because (strangely enough) I found out that there are people who have no idea who Shakespeare is... :shock:
Also, some people have never heard of Warriors either. And if you don't know what I'm crossing-over with, you might have a little bit of trouble beta'ing. :?

Anywho, anyone who wants to join with me in making my strange ideas relatively ledgible as an actual story, drop me a pm. :D

Later, yo.
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Post by Jami »

Name: Jami (twilightesque on fanfiction)
Beta Experience: none online, but the unnoficial beta for my friends
Strengths: hm... grammar, spelling, sentence flow
Weaknesses: I can sometimes be extremely blunt, so don't be surprised if I step on some toes every now and then XD
What ratings will you do?: hmm... <M
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): canon only
What Fandoms will you do?: Twilight, Harry Potter, or Mediator pretty much
Will you do crossovers?: possibly...
Avaliblity: at least 3 hours a day
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