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Post by eclipsed »

I would absolutely love to beta for anyone! just pm me

Name: Chelsea
Beta Experience: completed two years of college level english; took a creative writing course; beta'd for my dad, who is a published writer.
Strengths: dialogue, flow, transitions, spelling/grammar
Weaknesses: continuity errors
What ratings will you do?: any
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): any (I love slash)
What Fandoms will you do?: I'm willing to give any a go, but I'm warning you now that I'm not very familiar with Supernatural (the show)
Will you do crossovers?: of course!
Availability: I'm not quite aure what this means. I'm a college student, so I'm relatively busy, but reading is my favorite hobby. If you're on a deadline, just let me know and I'll tell you if it's feasible.

I can't wait to read some awesome stuff!
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Post by NuevaLuna »

id absolutely love to beta anyone with some talent!

Name: Sasha

Beta Experience: not really sure EXACTLY what a beta reader is, but its someone who reads your story and gives you vulgar language is ugly, and edits and stuff, and im GREAT at that. Ill be honest and

Strengths: catching your characters OOC. i can get inside ANYONES head. In this case Edward,Bella,Charlie,Jasper,Alice etc. etc. And im good with spelling and word tensing and all that jazz.

Weaknesses: if the story is boring then i wont do as great of a job, ill tell you this of course, but i might get ADD on your story.

What ratings will you do?: any, just not OOC once again.

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): im big on Bella/Edward and Jacob/Bella but i wont do crazy stuff like Jacob/Rosalie or the ever popular Emmett/Bella

Availibility: hmm this ones a tough one, im on alot but not like 24/7. I have school, and extra corricular activities so its not going to consume my life. But when im on im on for long periods of time like 5 or six hours.

How familiar are you with Fictionpress? From 1-5: like 4-5

Do you write?: uhmm duh! like alot. im in English honors, and next year ill be AP! Its my favorite thing to do. its a passion.

Comments:i love a good story and if i feel like if your isnt a good one then ill tell you what to change, or ill tell you to stop. Im honest almost brutally. I love original stories too, but they have to be good!

id LOVE to beta someone!

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Post by phoenix713 »

On here I'm phoenix713, but you can call me Josh or Phoenix, depending on your personal preference.

Beta Experience:
Well, I used to work as a beta on I'm not too proud of my past there, but it made me a pretty good beta so I have the experience. I also edit for most of my friends and my own mother when she needs to write something.

I'm amazing with spelling and grammar, I can really make sentences and paragraphs flow together without changing too much or changing the general idea at all, and I'm very good with dialogue. I also like to print things out and use some editing marks. If anyone is uncomfortable with that just tell me.

There is a chance I'll miss something the first time I read it, but I always do at least three checks.

What ratings will you do?:
I'll do anything. Like I said, I used to beta for an adult website so I'm familiar with every thing there is in fanfiction. Lemons and all.

What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash):
It doesn't really matter to me, though I do love seeing Bella/Edward and Alice/Jasper stories. I have preference toward them, but all I am is an editor so that doesn't really matter.

What Fandoms will you do?:
That depends. Just tell me what the Fandom is and if I know it, I'll do it. I'm a very avid reader so just let me know beforehand.

Will you do crossovers?:
Like I said above, all I am is an editor, the content is not my responsibility unless drastic changes need to be made. I used to make it concrete that I wouldn't, but I don't mind now as long as it's tasteful and flows alright.

I can beta anytime, but if I'm not on the Lex right when you need something edited, e-mail me at I check that every day and I'll be sure to check everything. If you don't want to send your story right away, just e-mail me your request and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Are you familiar with Fictionpress? From 1-5?:
Sorry, I have no idea what that is. I've been out of beta work for a long time now. Sorry.

Do you write?:
As a matter of fact I do. I've just finished part one of my novel and as soon as I finish it's going to be on its way to an agent. I also try to write fanfiction, but I can never find the time these days. School can be taxing.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this over if you have. I hope to hear from someone soon!
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Post by titania86 »

Name: titania86 or Elizabeth
Beta Experience: beta'd for my friends' fanfics
Strengths: spelling, finding plot holes, grammar, identifying things that don't follow Stephenie's rules
Weaknesses: I don't write fanfics, myself.
What ratings will you do?: any
What couples will you do? (canon, un-canon, het, slash): any
What Fandoms will you do?: any
Will you do crossovers?: If I know the other fandom, sure!
Avaliblity: I'm online at least once a day, checking e-mail and stuff. I start school soon, so it may limit that time. If you have any questions, ask!
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Post by Aoi Sakura »

Hi again. I posted a bit earlier about being a beta, and now I'm back looking for one!

I went through all of the the profiles here, and I'm not finding quite what I'm looking for. Of course, the things I'm looking for you might not think to put in a resume.

I need someone who isn't afraid to do some research for the story, and who is fairly creative and can help with some minor spots where my plot is missing. They need to be well read in Twilight stuff, and able to correct me if I do something that's not the way Stephenie wrote it.

I'll probably PM a few people, but if you think you could help, please PM me as well!

Aoi Sakura
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This may be random and way out of context, but I am looking for a beta for something I am writing based off the general idea of a story from the "Prom nights from hell" book.

I named my creation Grim.

There are some Grammatical things I am bad at detecting, but I am pretty good with spelling, so you wont have to do much there.

I would like a beta who can help me and advise me creatively.

I am writing this story for my best friend Hannah's birthday (which is in December, so I have to get things DONE.)

I don't double space, and I will most likely be trying to get something of mine published.

Whether it is a poem I have written, or a story, the person who Betas my story will most likely end up being a partial editor, and will be listed as a partial editor if I do get published.

so yeah

sorry about that being so long. :)
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Post by Aoi Sakura »

I think I've got a beta, but if anyone else is interested, please PM me! Thanks everyone!
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Post by Onbegrepen »


I'm looking for a beta for a story i started writing today, so far I've got the prologue, but I'm not to sure how many chapters it's going to have and exactly wear it is going, but i have a lot of ideas for it.

The basic premises of the story is Bella goes missing, but it's made to look like she done it of her own accord. 2 years later Edward is withdrawn and losing his mind a little after searching for her. Then appears one day, begging Edward to follow her. But what Edward doesn't know is that she's been brainwashed, and is working for Victoria.

I don't want to say much more as it will give the plot away!

It is titled Losing My Mind.

PM me if your interested.

Thank you!
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Post by Onbegrepen »

Sorry double post.
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Post by Silver.Insanity »

Hi peeps. I would like a Beta for my stories. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Winx Club or Eragon, but I do have one Twilight fan fic. You can find me on fan fiction <a href=""> here</a>. Thank you!
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