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Post by Twilight<3 »

I used to be such a prep but now I'm like skinny jeans, tee-shirt, and converse.
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Post by thesunshinekid »

I don't know that I have a signature outfit, but I do have these two pairs of earrings I always wear:

plain silver studs
plain blue fake jewel studs

(I have two holes in each ear).

I always wear these, in combination - unless I have a pair of earrings that actually goes with my outfit!
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Post by neonsx »

:o I will be needing to take a bit of trip to Wal-Mart now'a days eh lol? I really like the print ashFlash, bohemian twist with that summer color-combo, and it does remind me a lot of a M.I.A cover.

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Post by neonsx »

I hate to ask this but is AliKat expensive in a way?
I'm just reading the reviews on NYC Mag, a rating of 6.5 and a comment saying, "Too expensive and looks too cheap" :?
Meh, well the store it's self looks cute as well with the fashion but $54 bucks for a tee-shirt, eh that's a bit much for me.

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Post by neonsx »

never ending stuff
  • Charcoal or Black Cigarette Pants
    Black Flats
    Rag & Bone High Waisted Tuxedo Pants
    Rustic Jean Jacket
    Cashmere Pullover
    Leather Jacket
    Over sized Gray Cardigan
    Classic black Maryjane's
    Ridiculous amounts of Opi Nailpolish
    Platforms and open toe booties, period
    Floral Print/Striped Tights.
    Mini Black Bubble Skirts
    Bulky yet fitted Navy Blazer
    Leather Shorts ?
:lol: I'm such a Googlebum. But so far this is what I'm thinking for Fall wardrobe. Grunge-ish Chic, yet feminine and young.

And I really want to see what's all the rave about Tokyo 7 in NYC? I do know they have Y-3 shirts bellow the used retail price, pretty good since I love a sheer basic tee, specially in white; it's been a bit of my summer-statement :P Oh and Opening Ceremony, retro-dish right there I guess lol. By the way, would there be any Sample Sales any ware particular around August 1 [in new york]? I'm dieing for Barneys have some major sales and get there before everything picked over, doubting that will happen but a girl can dream ... or be in the co-op floors. Screaming Mimi's for vintage, though NYC vintage shops tend to follow down on the expensive side, I wouldn't mine splurging on a few bangles and earrings there.

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Post by leopardgirl314 »

Where do you all buy your jeans? I love jean shopping, so I was just wondering, lol.

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Post by neonsx »

^ American Eagle and even thought I'm not a huge fan of the store, A&F can have some good quality fits.

Also if you have a Barneys near you, there demin is supposedly amazing, but I would check the Sales (or co-op floors) first, seeing the store its self is expensive, but worth getting the soft-jean-fit quality. Gap, I actually never tried on there jeans, but I did get these wonderful high waisted jean shorts there for a respectful price and they fit good too. Seven Jeans but they don't fit good at my butt lol, a bit loose or tight for me. UO for some unique, distressed jeans, especially for skinnys; they have brands of True Religion (personal favorite) and Cheap Monday, never tried them but they do have some original designs for the skinnys, oh and BDG, UO has a pair in sailor wide-leg I really want to buy haha. And Target, I got a pair of dark washed straight legs there a while back and for the price, I love them. It's not the softest jean prepared to AE or True Religion but still I would recommend buying or browsing buy.

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My style is questionable

Post by panicattheacademyis »

What I typically wore in school last year:
Tshirts (in the gray, black persuasion usually)
My favorite pants are my black skinny jeans
TONS of ballet flats, 3 pairs of black flats alone

What I'm buying for school this fall:

Red and teal skinny jeans (going the Hayley Williams route)
More Tshirts with bands on them
This cool denim skirt with black lace I saw when I was broke (not anymore, haha thanks to babysitting)
Basically I try to an attempt of punk but not emo outfits. I don't want to get too scary or weird looking that people are intimidated.

As far as makeup goes, I always have fun eyeliners. Some favorites of mine are teal, purple and jewel green.

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Post by I_LOVE_JACOB17 »

Typical Day Outfit:
-random slim-fit band tee (Pref. Angels & Airwaves or The Devil Wears Prada)
-skinny jeans that are ripped up (not the ones that you buy from brand name stores. Thrift store Jeans are the BEST!)
-studded belt (3 row) Hot Topic fer sure
-Argyle Knee-highs (my love)
-green flimsy messenger bag filled with pins, patches, ect.
-my patchy converse that are falling apart.

An "I'm Feeling Rebellious" Day Outfit:
-random faded shirt from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel or Forever 21
-short shorts that are some sort of crazy plaid color or regular jeans rolled up to the knee
-Star Wars Belt (guy belt from Pac Sun :] )
-two different color knee-high socks
-and da converse

make-up in general:
-eyeliner eyeliner and more eyeliner (tons of it)
-not too much mascara, (I hardly ever wear it) but as for that, it needs to be a random color or one thats sparkly.
other than that I don't do too much make up.

thats me. no more no less.

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Post by ashFLASH »

So, I had this entire post for this thread, and then my computer it rhymes with witch, and closed my internet. SO my amazing post was gone.

  • 1. As far as AliKat goes, it's marketed mainly at us teens. Like I said, some pretty C. Ronson numbers, and a little Lacoste. Good denim collection. Stuff that's not OMG FOUR FIGURES I CAN'T AFFORD THAT! but not HEY WHAT A BARGAIN!, you know?

    2. Lesley, the new blog is killer. :D

    3. This sweater is to-die for. My AE only had XL and XS in stock, so I'm waiting for a small to come in to buy it. Both colours. Nautical, but in a summer's end way. If that made any sense. Sweater

    4. I love AE jeans, but they have new fits now, and I'm not sure 'bout them. Tried them on briefly, but can't decide whether I like 'em or not. I like True Religion as well, mainly because they've got great dark washes. I also like J. Brand, for trendy jeans, not basics.

    4. Haha, I found another Wal-Mart dress the other day. $9.99, but not as cute as previous.

    5. I need to stop by a Wolford boutique, for more wool tights. They're outrageously priced, at about fifty bucks a pop, but they're sooooo soft, and warm, and cuddly and I wear tights practically every day come fall and winter.

    6. neonsx, before you go but ridiculous amounts of OPI, check out the China Glaze neon line. I'm an OPI addict, but I fell in love with China Glaze after I saw the neon collection.

    7. I bought both of these jackets the other day. Very basic, but still a little quirky, with the zippers, and piping, and all.


    8. One in every colour is a must have for me: Rugby Scarves

    9. Where was the Room Of My Own page in Teen Vogue this month?

    10. I love that boarding school print scarf in the Index Checklist. I can't remember who it's by at the time, but it's got scribbled notes all over, and I love it.
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