What is your signature style?

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What is your signature style?

Post by ATearWithinRain »

Show your unique and signature style by listing an outfit you actually wear or what you would like to wear or both.

What I actually wear:

Black t-shirt with the word Pixie and Tinkerbell in pink
A ton of jewelry
Black headband scarf with white polka dots
Black with red rose and polkadots imitation Vans slip-ons from Payless

What I have but am too self-concious to wear outside alltogether:

Black silky headband with white skulls
Burgundy t-shirt with Victor from Corpse Bride surrounded by black roses
The Crow guitar pick necklace
TNBC Jack Skellington long fingerless gloves
6 silver rings (feathers, claddaugh, wolves moon stars, fairy, celtic knots, cat)
Black pinstripe skirt
Black knee high imitation Converse sneaker boots or
black stockings with striped knee high socks over it with real Converse low-tops

Wow, that was way too over-descriptive and if you can't tell I'm cheap when it comes to shoes.

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Post by Copper and Sunshine »

Well, I'm a t-shirt, nice pair of jeans kind of girl.

For example:

Product red shirt
Blue Jeans

Very simple, eh?

One thing that never changes though, is that I wear a one bracelet everyday. It doesn't matter what I'm wearing, I've got that bracelet on. Its my signature item.

I'd like to wear a European style jacket, one with a double set of buttons. I absolutely love those. :]

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Post by EmmaBiteMe »

I were a black tank top and a pair of jeans all the times. (always have cleaveges dont know why) and when i am bumming around i were pink plad pj bottems and a tank

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Post by velvetine »

i dont have a signature.
i guess i'm just too plain.
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Post by eternalxxtwilight »

i usually wear jeans and black preppy looking shirts, usually with a white collar and cuffs...kind of like the sweater/shirt combo Bella and Edward wore to the meadow...:D
other times i wear...hmmm how to describe it?...funky?...if you know the store Forever21 that's kind of my style

thanks to csblueyes...couldn't find a way to get in touch to ask you for permission...sorry

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Post by Red_Ink »

Chunky obnoxiuosly bright colored bracelets. jeans, and you have my style. I need something more obnoxious though....

the thing i have but im to self concious to where is a multi colored skull T shirt. I have too many things with skulls on them! >_<

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Post by Marcy »

I admit it. I am a slave to BCBG Max Azria Denim.

There...I've said it. It's out in the open.

Can a SAHM married to a teacher/coach really justify the price of the jeans?


Do I still have more than 10 pairs?


:oops: If it comes down to me eating or me buying BCBG...then Im going to end up too thin to fit into any of my jeans. :lol:

Always I am wearing them, and usually a pretty, feminine top of some sort. Always my wedding ring, always my estate ruby and opal ring on the pointer finger of my left hand, and always my giant rock ruby (whee.. I love that thing) on the ring finger of my right hand. Always either my ruby and di. earings, or my estate ruby and opal earrings that match beforementioned ring.

Usually my hair is up. Well, okay. Almost Always my hair is up. I roll it, and flip it into a french twist with the curls bouncing. Can't help it...it bugs me down. (so why am I still growing it out? Your guess is as good as mine.)

Oh, and I am absurd about lipstick. I adore lipstick. My current lipstick obsession is Origins. I am never without it. :lol:

So that is me, except on Sundays. Its the one day I have any real reason to get dolled up, and being the good southern gal I am, dolled up I am. :wink: Yeah, I have an extensive BCBG skirt collection to offset all those jeans. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Am I dull, or what? :lol: :wink:
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Post by blackjack_21 »

I don't have one. It would just be whatever i throw on that day. I know sad. *sigh*

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Post by ally93 »

I really like this thread

Anyways me... I also always wear this one bracelet everyday, and I always wear the same shoes (right now they are white with orange stripes they are kind of hard to explain), and I usually wear jeans everyday, and shirts change all the time.

I would love to wear..... a gloves to school everyday and some reallly awesome jacket and that's all the clothes but for make up I would looove to do really red lipstick and I'm really pale so just go with that lol and for my hair I would love to out a streak of some crazy color as in pink or green or dye my hair black and put a white streak in it but you really don't care that much so sorry for the incisive talking about what I would like to be lol :D
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Post by VampireLoverxoxo »

My style is anything I like, plus a necklace I always wear and dangly earrings
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