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Post by Carrie80 »

I'm not giving up on this show either...but I have to wonder if they are perhaps jumping ahead in the story line because they are anticipating an early cancelation.

To comment on a few things Alphie pointed out, I too see similarities. I'm reading two other Vamp series' now and I can't tell you how many times I shreek out loud-That's not right! Vampires aren't allergic to silver!!

Nut, no matter how creative the wrter is, and SM is my hero here, there are going to be a lot of lay-overs on the stories of vampires. It's an extremely intriguing concept, and unfortunately, one that can only be done in so many ways before it becomes a complete echo of something else.

But as I said before, SM created this TW world so well that, though I can see similarities in books and shows, her series to me, is almost sacred!

As for Moonlight....Why would they take Josef away from us? Even one teeny episode. AND, I didn't get any hints as to if he was involved in the next one either.
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Post by Breathtaking_Soul »

zrbs wrote:I'm having lots of fun with this one. While I agree with many of the comments it just leaves me :)
Plus, Jason Dohring...YUMMY!
I actually got to meet him at a con in CA, he came by after working out to say hi and generate interest in the con coming up :)
It was awesome :)
He is even prettier in person LOL

Oh gosh, In literally die and relive everytime I see the show. I' like 'NOOO, Mick, you can't'.

I love Mick, everything about him, even his handsomly name.

The show better not stop...I like it so much.
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Post by Jeminunzi »

I agree, i die and relive every single time too! goodness, even though i know his life will probably be in danger every single episode, but still. I was like NOOOOO, Mick! You cant die!

And then the scene at the end of last night's where they both walk away from the door.... I definitely cried a little bit. It reminded me too much of New Moon.. (plus i get way too into fictional stories.. haha) But honestly, i was like... "they're already to the new moon phase? jeez..."

hmm... i cant wait for the next one.... and how those two get together, because you know they will.

... And the boyfriend wasnt slaughtered. *pouts* haha
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Post by llovetwilight »

zrbs wrote:I'm having lots of fun with this one. Plus, Jason Dohring...YUMMY!

I am curious to see how next week plays out with Mick chasing after a "frisky" teenage vampire... Could be amusing!!!

And I am all for not drawing things out too long, but it seems as though the way things are going, Mick and Beth will be married by the end of the year :shock:
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Post by Bewitched »

It's always been my belief that it takes most of the first season for the actors to really start to mesh. Some scenes could have been better but I'm sure they'll improve as time goes on. I'm hoping the same for blood ties, although it's growing on me more and more.

As for the show being canceled, sadly CBS is notorious for canceling any show that caters to an obscure genre. Remember Magnificent 7? There are actually a lot of western fans out there. Jericho was finally brought back after they (the fans) sent hundreds of pounds of peanuts to the powers that be.

Hmmm... wonder what would be sent if they canceled Moonlight?
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Post by Variety »

I'm still unsure about this show. It's cute, but it seems kind of slow. They desperately need a better script. And the acting is a little raw, but I'm still watching. Why? Maybe it's because it's about vampires and I'm drawn to it simply because I'm obssessed with Twilight, and hence, vampires.
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Post by manda87 »

I dont think I would be watching this show if it wasnt for Twilight. I like making comparisons to the characters, mostly because my sister has my copy of Twilight(and it took everything in my being to loan it to her) so Im going through withdrawls...haha anyway I was kind of dissaponted when I found out on this show sunlight would kill a vampire. I was all "noooo its supose to make them sparkle!"
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Post by lovesvampiresANDwolves »

Variety wrote:I'm still unsure about this show. It's cute, but it seems kind of slow. They desperately need a better script. And the acting is a little raw, but I'm still watching. Why? Maybe it's because it's about vampires and I'm drawn to it simply because I'm obssessed with Twilight, and hence, vampires.
I'm right with you on all those points. When I watched the first episode of this show, I thought it was the lamest thing I'd ever seen. I was not interested at all. But, after my sister making me watch it with her the last few weeks, I have to admit it has grown on me a little bit. I still find myself correcting things in my head about how vampires really are (because the vampires of the Twilight Universe are the real ones, of course!), and I cringe at some of the dialogue and acting, but in the end I still find myself wanting to watch it.

As for this weeks episode, I also found it a little too quick for Beth to already be giving her blood to Mick. Also, as someone else said, I definitely had the "this is so like New Moon" thought at the end when they were on opposite sides of the door, especially with his last comment about having to stop seeing her.
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Post by i_heart_edward »

I am very hooked on this show. I am always counting down the days :) Fridays episode was the best :)
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Post by Blondi »

I was wondering if ya'll have heard of, or watched the new TV Series "Moonlight" on CBS. I haven't actually seen it, yet, I plan on watching, but I probably will get really upset. My sister whose also read the books told me about it today and I am so mad! Apparently there are way too many similarities. Like the title for one... a vampire man resisting a beautiful human woman- disturbed because he loves her but cannot be with her because he finds himself too much of a risk- she wants to take the risk and actually lets him drink some of her blood to help his thirst, but he can remove the poison. His eyes change from white (when thirsty) to golden when full. And he cannot be seen in the sunlight because it would expose him. Ugh! It makes me so mad. Watch it, maybe we as a collective can take it down! Stephanie should sue. PS: The lead vampire man, not so attractive.
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