Why are you happy?

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Post by twilight~obsessed »

I am so happy because in 2 hours the next quote will be out!
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Post by SageMoon »

I'm happy because the new trailer was soo awesome!
and because the Dark Knight comes out in three days!
and because it's only 17 days left till BD comes out!

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Post by vampluv78 »

im happy because im going to get breaking dawn and go to the party the night before its going to be great

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Post by iloveawerewolf... »

I'm happy because I think my friend, who has never read Twilight, is going to start and go to the midnight party with me!!!!

And I watched Penelope. :) and saw the ET coverage of Twilight. And the cover of EW just makes me smile

I'm so obsessive right now!
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Post by Alice the Cutie »

lol!! im happy because my bf is talking to me!! and i pre ordered BD today, and i am so getting it as soon as i can on august 2nd!!!!
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Post by Una »

I am happy because BD will be out soon and it'll also be my birthday soon!
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Post by simplymortal314 »

I am happy because I am home.
I had fun with my kook of a grandmother.
And I am on the lexicon once more. =]
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Post by Alice's Twin Sister »

I am happy because I just discovered that this topic is still open to active posting! I am also happy because I introduced one of my long time friends to Twilight today! Yay! Another Newborn in the making! She doesn't understand my enthusiasm yet...but she will! :twisted:

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Post by twilight~obsessed »

I am happy becuase this forum is still open...I was a little worried when I woke up that it might be closed...
Also I am so happy about today's quote, it made me laugh a lot!
"My head was full of the sweetness of his breath"

Newly TPDer! yay!

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Post by leopardgirl314 »

OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MY 1000th POST!!!!


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