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Post by Twilight15 »

Title: The Dark Dance of Temptation
Author: Stupid Shiny Volvo Driver
Rating: 'M' Warnings: Some sexual Content, romance, and Angst
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3490192/1/
Summary: Begins at the last line of New Moon before the 1st chapter of Eclipse. Edward challenges his willpower more and more as the time draws near to a wedding that may never be
Fandom: FanFiction.Net

Title: Ignorance
Author: ZiPPeR00143
Rating: 'T'
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3643602/1/
Summary: AU ExB When Bella Swan moves to Forks she is far from ignorant about the existance of vampires, she and Edward begin as friends. He wants more but Bella has a secret that prevents them from having it.

Title: Seeing Twilight
Author: aLullaby
Rating: 'T'
URL: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3718529/1/
Summary: Takes place after Eclipse. With choices and plannings coming, it's just the beginning of the journey. Not good at summeries. Please Read and Review And I hope you enjoy the story.
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WOOHOO!!! I have been so waiting for this to come out!!!!

Title: Meet the McCartys
Author: Bronsehairedgirl
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Bella Swan, Emmett Cullen, Emmett's human family and friends. T/PG-13 to be safe on portential language from Emmett (he did think he was in hell when he was changing)
Summary: Emmett tells Bella about the human family he loved.
Link: http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... hp?sid=413

This is the prologue to the story. But you just wait -- This story rocks! How did Emmett get to be the fun-loving, common-speaking, competitive vampire he is today? What is it that makes him a good brother? A good son? A good husband? Written by the Lexicon Emmett expert, Bronzehairedgirl! I've heard thre of the upcoming stories, plus the one right after the epilogue -- I want to meet the McCartys myself!

Sit down. Pull up some shine, (OK, maybe not, that stuff will make you go blind!) and enjoy!
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Title: Avenging Angel
Author: Silly Bella
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Twilight - Fiction Rated: T - - Angst -
Summary: Edward's rebellious years. 1927-1931 A collection of oneshots.
Why you should read it: It's written so well and one of my favorite stories.
on Pel's site -- http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... php?sid=87
on ff.net -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3264301/1/Avenging_Angel

Title: Semitone
Author: Silly Bella
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Twilight - Fiction Rated: T -- Romance - Summary: The graduating class at Forks High School takes a senior trip to San Francisco, California. Edward has plans for Bella on their free night. A 'semitone' is the smallest difference between two musical notes.
Why you should read it: How can you not love well written Bella and Edward romance?
on Pel's site -- http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... php?sid=87
on ff.net -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3706411/1/Semitone

Title: The Naked WolfBoys of La Push
Author: Silly Bella
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Complete - Twilight - Fiction Rated: T - Humor Summary: I couldn't help wondering about the werewolves' clothes '" or lack of them since they are always bursting out of them. I've been promised that the answer will be in Eclipse, so I figured I better hurry and write this before my hopes for naked wolfboys are
Why you should read it: So funny! And who doesn't want to imagine the wolfboys naked?
on Pel's site -- http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... php?sid=87
on ff.net -- http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3705187/1/T ... of_La_Push
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Title:Nocturnal Pulse(complete)
Author: Lilith Filth (I can't believe no one's posted anything by her yet!!)
Fandom(s): Edward/Bella
Characters/ratings/warnings: Post New Moon/pre-Eclipse - Drama/angst/romance - M rated for violence and sexuality
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it: In the story, Bella betrays Edward in a way that should be unforgivable (that's all I can say without giving it away!). This is a story that just reels you in from the start. Well written and is quite dead on with the character's personalities considering the situations. Lilith Filth's Edward will make you swoon one chapter and make your skin crawl with terror the next.

Author: Lilith Filth
Fandom(s): Edward/Bella...?
Characters/ratings/warnings: post New Moon/Pre-Eclipse - drama/angst/romance- M rated for Violence and Sexuality
Summary/why you recommend it/ Why others should read it: This is the sequel to Nocturnal Pulse (above). Bella and Edward cope with the betrayal and it's consequences.
A beautiful sequel. Well told, and leaves you on the edge of your computer chair even more than the first one.

Title: Noble Flesh(in progress)
Author: Lilith Filth
Fandom(s): Edward/Bella
Characters/ratings/warnings: 17th/18th century setting - Drama/romance - M rated for violence (so far)
Summary/why you recommend it/ Why others should read it: Edward Cullen is a slave purchased by Bella Swan and Jacob Black-- a royal, young, betrothed couple.
Amazing story so far. Beautiful. This is one of the best I've ever read. :)
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Post by And_beautiful_we_3_are »

I'm actually wondering if anyone can give me the link to a specific fanfic (twilight obviously) I thought i had it on my alrets but I didn't and now I can't find it.

In it there is 2 new vampires one's a guy who is trying to woo Bella and one is a girl called Rue who is after Edward. That's all I can remember, but it was really good and I want to know how it ends :D

If you know the one I am talking about can you PM me with the link? thanks
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ok guys you have to read The Computer Lab it is very funny :lol: it's in twilight stuff on fanfic

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^You should give us a link, summary, rating, author and other things specified in teh first post in how to recommend fanfiction to make our lives easier. Saerching through FF.net is hell.
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Post by Silver.Insanity »

(Because Kendra didn't put all this in)

The Computer Lab: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3810569/1/The_Computer_Lab

Summary: Carlisle and Esme are called into the school, but why? Who got in trouble this time and what does it have to do with the computer lab? (from the author)

Fandom: Twilight

Rating: T

Author: myheartbeats4thee (on FF)

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Post by princess_lilith »

KeepingTheMoon, thank you for the reccomendation! I have a few myself.
Title: An Unexpected Life
Author: Tekhne
Summ: It's a Jake/Bella fic. Really good. Really in character, except for the sex. But who doesn't love a good dose of lobbin lobbin?
Also anything from Lynyrd Lionheart and Lillith Filth. Search their names on FF, and bam!, you have some good reading ahead of you.
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Post by luvthesebooks »

Here are my favorites. They are some oldies but goodies:

The Lion and the Lamb
by: Alphie

Story: Edward's POV from the beginning of Twilight through the meadow scene. Very in character. You get a real insight into the depth of love and passion Edward feels for Bella.

http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... php?sid=17

Her Blood Sings
by: Midnight Walking

Story: Edward's POV in New Moon beginning when Bella finds him in Volterra to the end of the book. Wonderfully written.

http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... php?sid=39

When you want something a little lighter:

Parenting Skills
By: vjgm

Story: The Cullens and Bella are subjected to a mandatory parenting skills class, complete with sympathy belly and pretend baby. Laugh out loud funny.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3808190/1/P ... Skills_101
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