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Post by silly_bella »

Title: Teach the Heart to Reflect the Wound
Author: apocalypse cabaret (the author formerly known as art of pretension)
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Bella Swan, Charlie Swan (so far, but I think some others wil be showing up) There are also some original characters. Rated T. Some language.
Summary: Charlie sends Bella to a psychologist. Great writing, strong voice from a talented young writer.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3636803/1/T ... _the_Wound

Title: Papa Loves Mambo
Author: Kissa and Cocoa/ Skipper-Pompeii
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Carlisle Cullen, Esme Cullen, Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Bella Swan. T
Summary: Bella and the Cullen boys sole a mystery they wish they hadn't. Oh, and it's hot.
Pel's site: http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... hp?sid=327

ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3651985/1/Papa_Loves_Mambo

Title: Jacob's Realization
Author: rissohma
Fandom: Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Bella, Edward, Jacob.
Summary: Angsty Jacob. Need I say more? She's also a young writer who can be funny or angsty. I like a lot of her stories.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3650807/1/J ... ealization
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This might have been said already but...

Title: Harry Potter and the Dawning of Twilight
Author: Shadows de la Nuit
Fandom: Twilight + Harry Potter
Characters/ratings/warnings: Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, malfoy, voldomort. mentions Edward, Rosalie, the voltri. Rated K+. Some language.
Summary: A bit of light humor. Twilight and New Moon have magicked themselves into the halls of Hogwarts, putting some wellknown characters under their spell.
Link:http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3330396/1/H ... f_Twilight

It's soooo funny it actually made me laugh out loud!
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Title: Never is A long time but so is always
Author: Lena Bergel
Fandom: Twilight/New Moon
Characters/ratings/warnings: Bella, Victoria and the rest of the Twilight gang/Rated T/ Some language
Summary: Life after New Moon. Victoria comes back. Takes place after New Moon, expect Bella, Edward and the rest of the Cullens, Jacob and the werewolves, the Volturi, and Victoria. Though not necessarily in that order.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3191029/1/N ... _is_Always
-jessica- :D
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Title: Edward in PE
Author: LindaRoo
Fandom: Post-New Moon
Characters/ratings/warnings: Cullens and classmates, canon couples
Summary: When Edward comes back at the end of New Moon, he and Alice get Mrs. Cope to change their schedules to put them in Bella's gym class.
Why you should read it: It's based on the Edward in PE thread of the Lexicon and its HILARIOUS!! She just updated it too! Hurry, read!

Click me for story!

Title: What's at Steak
Author: CrystalRemnant
Fandom: Twilight/New Moon
Characters/ratings/warnings: Edward Cullen, Jacob Black
Summary: [Pun fully intended] Jacob has a master plan to be rid of Edward. Edward just wants Jacob to go away...
Why you should read it: It's truly amazing how someone who has NEVER read either Twilight or New Moon can parody the characters so effectively. This is only one of her stories; you HAVE to read ALL her works. Bear in mind though, you will need the Lexicon Squeegie before you're through.

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Title: Three Days
Fandom(s): Post New-Moon
Characters/ratings/warnings: Edward Cullen, Bella Swan. Rating: Mild T.
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it: Edward on changing Bella. I loved the rhythm of this piece. When reading this, I instantly thought of 'Sic Transit Gloria' by Brand New, and how the voices in the song almost over-lap each other, but not quite. I was shocked when I saw that I was the first to review it, and I definitely believe that it deserves more credit than it has so far received (only 2 reviews!).
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Post by Chaos »

Does anyone read Harry Potter fanfics? Does anyone have any really good ones? I'm not sure if I want to navigate my way through three hundred thousand pages. Any help would be appreaciated.
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Post by indi »

Chaos wrote:Does anyone read Harry Potter fanfics? Does anyone have any really good ones? I'm not sure if I want to navigate my way through three hundred thousand pages. Any help would be appreaciated.
Haha Chaos, that's exactly what I'm looking for. I posted a list of my favorites on this page, but I'd love to find some new ones.

http://archive.twilightlexicon.com/view ... ht=#402343
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Post by Incantare »

The Final Act
Be My Escape1
Rated T
Edward, Bella, most of the Cullens
Summary: New Moon Spoilers. This is my take on how Edward approached the Volturi about his situation. The story starts after Edward calls Bella's house and speaks with Jacob
[url=http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_preview.php?storyid=3848397][color=cyan]Lost and Found[/color][/url]
[url=http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3752872/1/The_Video_Tape][color=orange]The Video Tape[/color][/url]
[url=http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_preview.php?storyid=3787507][color=lightpink]My Little Girl[/color][/url]
[url=http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/live_preview.php?storyid=3825688][color=lightblue]Happy Birthday[/color][/url]
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Post by Skumring »

Title: AB Type
Author: Alcyone
Fandom: PreTwilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Aro and other vampires . Rated T.
Summary: The story of Aro. Starting with his human life and gives us a new insight in his character. Definitely one to read, if you miss the Volturi and think that only 9 pages in Eclipse wasn't enough.
Links: http://www.ramblingsandthoughts.com/twi ... hp?sid=338
and http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3569221/1/AB_Type
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Post by KeepingTheMoon »

A Rogue Omega

Author LovelyCheshireGrin

Fandom Twilight of course

Characters/ratings/warnings All/T/None

Summary A revolt of an entire, supernatural race, an ending to young lives, and a love that shines through even that. When the smoke clears, we'll see who's left standing. BE.[PT. 1 of the Ambrosia Trilogy.]

Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it Its seriously the best I have ever read. You'll have to read it for yourself, but its amazing.

Also, the sequel, A Delphian Utopia http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3467004/1/A_Delphian_Utopia
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