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Post by kkwojo »

um I read this really good fic where Bella moved to seattle to be a newspaper editor and she met Edward but now i cant find it. Does anyone know what i'm talking about?

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Post by Zoon »

Title: Green Eyes
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4287209/1/Green_Eyes
Author: ashlice
Fandom(s): Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Edward/Bella, rated T, post-Eclipse
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it: This is a very interesting scenario in which Edward begins to turn human after The Wedding Night :wink:. Beautifully written, perfectly in-character, and surprisingly believable.

Title: Being Mrs. Black
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4258133/1/
Author: binaryeclipse
Fandom (s): Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Edward/Jacob, Edward/Bella, the Cullens, the Quileutes, rated K+, AU
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it: This is the summary from the author: "What if the Cullens don't arrive until three years *after* Bella does? What if Bella married her best friend before ever meeting Edward? Can a love ordained by Fate break sacred vows? Only Bella can make that choice."
This is a very interesting scenario in which Bella meets Edward and the Cullens AFTER she has married Jacob. What has surprised me the most is that even I, a loyal member of Team Edward, am thoroughly enjoying it. The writing is amazing and it's all perfectly in-character. I HIGHLY recommend it.
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Hmm I don't know if anyone can help me... i was reading a fanfic a while back and I can't seem to find it now. Don't you just hate when that happens :D
It was set around twilight, but Bella was forced to go to forks because she was being chased by a vampire who was tracking her (and left her notes). She met the cullens of course, and it was just getting to the good bit where we find out who the tracker is! It would be great if anyone could help me.
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Post by lalaland12 »

Title: The Birds and the Bella
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4237584/1/T ... _the_Bella
Author: Waffle of Doom
Rated: K+
Summary: Bella is left home alone with Emmett and he decides to teach her about the 'birds and the bees'
Why you should read: It's a very funny oneshot that makes you laugh until you cry.

Actually all of this authors stories are worth reading. http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1543313/
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Post by deCadence »

Title: A World Without Sound
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4292727/1/
Author: The Romanticidal Edwardian
Fandom (s): Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings: Bella/Edward, rated M for a lemon
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it:
The story is an all human set up in which Edward was born deaf. I'm recommending it because it's one of my favorite fan fics on FF.net at the moment. You should check it out; it's well written (unlike 80 percent of all fan fics), really funny, and a very original story.
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Post by Lunna-san »

kkwojo wrote:um I read this really good fic where Bella moved to seattle to be a newspaper editor and she met Edward but now i cant find it. Does anyone know what i'm talking about?
Is this the one you are talking about? It's one of my favorites! :D

Tittle: Kaleidoscope
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4086816/1/Kaleidoscope
Author: lalalanerd
Rated: T
Summary: Bella is a woman in New York City with a lot of debt and a strong dislike for the "Stupid pretty boys with their stupid money and stupid jobs". Will her attitude change upon meeting the mysterious and wealthy Edward Cullen? ExB
Why you should read: The story is really well written and it's different from the usual human stories. There is a fairy tale vibe in the air. It's cheering, funny and dramatic at the same time.
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Post by Betting On Alice »

Title: Bella's Bachelorette Bash
Author: LindaRoo
Rated: M
Author's Summary: Alice throws Bella a surprise bachelorette party in a posh Portland penthouse, complete with sexy games, embarrassing gifts, tequila shots, a stripper named Emmett, and a night of clubbing. Rated M for sexual dialogue and adult situations.

Why you should read it:

This is an absolutely hysterical fic, that despite unusual settings, manages to stay in character. I can't wait to see where it goes, but if the first chapter is any indication, it should be a wild ride! :D
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Ummm yeah

Post by SoSheDances »

I have so many!!!

Title Love in Affliction
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3765471/1/L ... Affliction
Author Saiyachick
Fandom(s) Twilight/AU
Characters/ratings/warnings Usual pairings. It is really pure.
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it It is honestly breathtaking. Fans of pride and prejudice or anything by Jane Austen will love this story. I honestly don't like AU stories but she captured the era so nicely!

Title Bittersweet
Author Saiyachick
Fandom(s) Twilight/AU-ish
Characters/ratings/warnings Bella (mainly her), Edward, Alice, Jasper, and other characters. It is sad. Rated K+ on ff
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it It is beautifully written. The first chapter is just so amazing because you can feel a connection with the author. My heart pounded while reading the rest of the story. It is one of those "If Edward didn't come back" but not cliche like the rest.

Title Petals
Author Saiyachick
Fandom(s) Twilight
Characters/ratings/warnings Bella, Edward (his pov), and mentioning of Jacob. Very innocent. Sad and heartbreaking.
Summary/Why you are recommending it/Why others should read it "She loves him, she loves him not. Edward watches each petal fall off a flower as he revels on Bella's relationship with Jacob." It is just one of those stories that moves you and makes you think "What if?"

Basically...this girl is frickin amazing! I'm new to ff.net but some one rec. her and she is just sooooo cool!
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Post by mudkip »

chica_chilena wrote:
The Lion and The Lamb
by Alphie
Characters/ratings/warnings: Everybody mentioned in twilight till "The meadow"/rated T/Don't think there are any warnings
summary/why you should read this
This is twilight from Edwards perspective. It is wonderfully written, and let's you in Edwards mind quite magnificently. Unfortunately it isn't finished yet.
I love that one, too. Its been abandoned for such a long time, though... I wonder if Alphie will ever finish it :cry:

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Fan Fiction

Post by already.pierced »

Recommended Twilight Fanfic?

Ummmm....well I have heaps but I can't put them all here.

Okay, hows this? I have a community at fanfiction.net and it's completely dedicated to all my favorite stories (there's about a hundred of them) so if you want, go check it out. Oh, and make sure you subscribe. Please.

This is the link:
http://www.fanfiction.net/community/Bel ... 98/99/0/1/

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