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Post by Allyb »

Okay I'm currently reading three books. I was rereading Pretties and then I let someone borrow it and so I started rereading New Moon and I got to like page 50 in that and I got pretties back so I'm finishing that. But also I have to read To Kill A Mocking Bird for English, which I love. So I'm in the middle/begining of Pretties, New Moon, and To Kill a MB.
got that? lol
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Post by Taxi »

I'm reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman at zee moment. All the quotes on the back said that it was a creepy book, and I figured that it was appropriate considering the upcoming holiday. :)
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Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

I want to read all the Hannibal books beore the weekend afyter Halloween. I'm planning on having a Hannibal movie marathon the weekend after //_^

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Post by puprlepenguin »

I'm reading The Thirteenth Tale but Diane Setterfield. It seems very interesting so far, just started it. After that I want to read The Book of Lost Things. Oh, I read Coraline, it is a very good book!
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Post by just_2_white_n_nerdy »

Right now I'm reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's really weird but it's a good kind of weird. :D

After I finish this I need to read my Book Club book, Go Ask Alice. (yeah, I haven't bought it yet either..)
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Betrayed- P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
Extras- Scott Westerfield
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Post by cami1219 »

The sixth and final book in the Mediator series. *cries*
I don't want it to be over!
It's SO good!
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Post by vampire xx love »

Frankenstein by mary shelly.
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Post by goldenglare »

i am currently re-reading new moon over and over again until i don't cry. but i have read and loved: circle of magic, artimes(sorry i can't spell it right) fowl, harry potter, leven thumps, the secret garden, series of unfortunate events, once upon a marigold, and so many more. i live for books and always fall in love with the characters in them.
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Post by daniiidarko »

the last book i read the The Lovely Bones and its one of my favorites.
its very good!
and i think i am gunna re-read the invisible
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