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Are you plus sized?

yep and I notice it everyday.
Yes and proud!
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Post by !macycullen. »

I'm pretty well-proportioned for my size. I say I am fat, but since it's all balanced throughout my body...well, I still hate it. I'm about 5'7"-5'8" and wear about a size 10-12 in jeans, but the great thing is that people tell me all the time I don't look like I wear that size, which makes me feel better. I exercise regularly and my thighs are so big because I have huge leg muscles. I hate it. I wish I could lose muscle and fat, but if I lose fat, I gain muscle. Ugh. Plus, I have a terrible metabolism.
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Post by *VampireVixen* »

I've always been pretty small (thanks to me being half Japanese) so i guess i got lucky with my genes. But the problem is i'm not healthy at all. I dont have alot of energy and I'm tired alot. I eat junk food and rarely exercise. I'm probably about a size 1-3 depending on the brand.
My butt has been getting kind of bigger over the years though :?
But my point is just because someone is skinny, doesnt mean they are healthy. I bet there are some girls out there bigger than me who are so much healthier than i am. They have alot more energy and are just in good shape health wise.
Size isnt everything, you have to try to be healthy too. I'm trying to start eating right and exercising more because i'm scared that when i actually start having babies my weight will blow up and i wont be able to get rid of it :x
Making healthy choices and habits will help alot...
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Post by Ravel »

I'm fine with my body. Small waist. Bigger hips. I have curves and I'm not a stick insect. PROUD TOO BE DIFFERENT! I'm not plus sized, not titchy. I looked on a conversion chart, and in America I'm a size 8. I think. Over here I'm a size 12 (Australia). But really, with a height 5'6 and the Evil Glare down to an art, who realy cares what anyone else thinks about your body?
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Post by amberangel »

Meh, I dunno. -_- My family think I am fat, though it's hardly MY fault is it? You keep making me eat EVEN WHEN I DONT WANT TO. -_-

Anyway ... The problem we have is that we sit too much. I have probably been sitting most of today, first at school and now here on the net. So it's a good idea to get up and walk around - But I like my computer too much...

It's a bit annoying I have thicker bones though, like my dad, whereas my brother has thinner bones like my mother... I think my ribcage is too big...

I dont get sizes.... I'm no fashionista. I just wear whatever. No fashion sense in the slightest.
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Post by krista_fanwriter »

Dammit! I am so skinny, and you should see how many boys see me when I want to look like a movie star. Haha.
I had a party where we were movie stars in a way. Everyone dressed in a dress, and my hair went up and I wore a beautiful white and gold dress. I know this is probably the wrong topic for this but, hey...
I couldn't tell you how many boys asked me to dance because of the way I look.
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Post by ~xMoonlightxTragedyx »

Im pretty adverage. I wear size 13 pants. but I dont think Im fat at all.... But I am extreamly busty. Im 4'9 and am double d.
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Post by cutesweetiezzz »

I'm 5'4 and I'm a size 4-5 so I'm not fat or skinny, but I wish I was a little bit more skinny.

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Post by paleskingoldeyes »

I'm 5'2 and a size 7 :shock:
I don't know if it's my big ol' Hispanic booty, or if I'm fat
..but I'm pretty self-concious about it
especially when guys bother me about it :(
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Post by neonsx »

I've always been petit, 5'0 and something like 108 pounds, size 2-4, depending on the brand.

In middle school, my friends were always teasing how skinny I was but I eat like a pig; not exactly healthy, but I don't really like fatty-foods. More sweets and chocolate kind of thing. But I must admit, I like being more toned than soft, over the years I have just gotten use to toned, but I'm finding my stomach is turning softer and my thighs are bigger :? Plus I really should be eating healthier, to much junk I find makes me more tired and I'm trying to find a good, healthy diet that doesn't involve eating this tiny portion of fruit and drinking some nasty vegetable juice.
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Post by gd_castaway08 »

I'm not "fat" but not "skinny" Plus sizes are too big, but regular sizes don't fit just right, either.

I think my body is retarded because if you look at me from just the waist up my stomach looks flat, but if you look at my whole body my stomach is a bit more out than my legs are. So if I lost weight...then my ribs would be sticking out...

When I was younger I was way way skinny, my stepdad used to say I could advertise for "Feed the Children"...and then he made me "fat" because he'd demand that I eat all of my food, and my grandma would always tell me to eat more. Between my 5th and 6th grade year I think I went from 70 pounds to 100 pounds.

I should probably tone up, now, though, since I'll be starting college in August and all. New start.
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