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Actually I started a Roleplaying forum March of 2006 myself, although it didn't really pick up speed until now. I might as well post it I guess...

Site Name: Eternal Lullabye

Eternal Lullabye Plot
Into the Woods

It had only been a few short weeks since the battle of the newborns. Forks was back to normal and life had gone on. It was strange to think that the people of the small rainy town had not realized how much danger they had been in. The days went by each day drawing nearer to the wedding of the century. Despite Bella Swan's protests, Alice Cullen, her soon to be sister-in-law, basically invited the whole town to come. All through town talk of the wedding circulated. Bets were made on how long they would last, rumors of the nineteen year old girl being pregnant spread, and talk about how extravagant the wedding would be excited many of the newly graduated students of Forks High school. Everything seemed to be back to normal, but then again what exactly was normal for the gloomy yet dangerous little town. The werewolves and vampires once again claimed their territory, deciding it was best to still stick to the pact made years before. Everything seemed to be back to the way it was, that was until something happened.

In only two short weeks seven girls and four boys went missing in Forks and Port Angeles. Police were baffled by reports of a man in a robe walking near the woods at night. The latest report was of him carrying an unidentified female, suspected to be one of the missing girls. The police have reported that they believe the serial killer from Seattle has moved down to Forks and Port Angeles. But those who know of the dangers that have plagued Forks before, know better. They know that it is actually another coven of vampires, one that must be stopped at all costs. The Cullens have tried desperately for weeks, along side of the Quillette Pack, to find this mysterious coven before things become too dangerous. For some odd reason it is as if the mysterious group of vampires do not exist, since every time they are found they seem to vanish. Only during the night have they been spotted in the woods and even when the protectors of Forks come across a scent the mysterious silhouettes disappear once more into the night. The Cullen's powers are somewhat useless, and even Alice's visions are jumbled up like a bunch of puzzle pieces.

Police have decided to reinstate a 10:00pm curfew, although it has not helped at all. Due to many human sightings of the robed people, they have earned the nickname reapers, since they are said to look like Old Grim himself. The new coven has become such a problem that even Covens such as the Volturi have gotten involved, by trying to dig up any information they can about the mysterious group. And yet all attempts of learning about the coven have failed. The woods have become a dangerous place, especially at night. And so the darkness has crept back into Forks, shadowing its dangerous glow once more. And even though the glow of evil illuminates the town there is something darker that lurks within its forests. The dangerous night has become a time of fear, especially for those brave enough to venture into the woods.

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how exactly do you role play on them? just talk as a different person?
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By [url=]maryalicebrandon[/url] at 2008-01-22

not the greatest banner but it was made by me so thats cool...

press this link check it out...

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It's really easy actually. It's writing. Basically you make up a character or use what we call canons which in my case would be Bella, Edward, ect.

You write using your character like say I was Edward and he was at his house talking to Jasper or something I'd write something like...

Edward sat on the couch a deadly expression on his face. He couldn't believe Jasper would even suggest taking Bella to New York at a time like this.

You control your character's thoughts and actions. You use your character to respond to the other person posting. It's similiar to writing a fanfiction team (A fanfiction with more then one author). You basically come up with it as you go along.

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I've just started a new Twilight roleplay, AU with a new spiece's after new moon, but aw well.


Forks, Washington. Home to all sorts of creatures
real' and unreal'

Into the woods he galloped, breathing heavily and irregular through his muzzle. His dark brown mane of hair sticking up as though he was shocked. His body, as large as a horse taking every stride with such precision, as if he was in a warrior dance. Further and further he ran, trying to escape like the 'coward' he was. Finally, he slowed down until he made a complete stop on a the cliff top. The sky surrounding him was black, and unusually, you could spot a few stars in the sky. The lake glistening, reflecting like a mirror, while the black outlines of the forest surrounding made it almost surreal. The full moon, high above the sky completed it's tranquillity. But this was not to last. Something was on it's way. Something' bad. And the Quileute could feel it.

Suddenly, the wolf in question narrowed his golden eyes. His mind opening up to three others.

Where are you! Tell us! Sam's worried.

The great wolf snarled, as though the person speaking to him was there.

Leave me alone Embry...please...

He grimanced at the pain starting in his left hinged leg. How foolish he was to bring his guard down to those creatures. Lifting his head, Jacob Black howled. Howled so everyone, human and inhuman alike would know'

They were here.


Based around the glorious twilight series, discover shows the ignorance that Vampire's and Werewolves
had. Secrets must be kept. One slip could cost someone's life.

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Post by emi2811 »

A brand new RPG that I created today!

Only a few of the canons are taken, and many desriable characters are still left, though we do also accept original characters. There are many plots being planned and we've managed to attract 5 or 6 brand new members in only a few short hours!

Some of the canons left: Alice, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Jacob, Sam, Emily, Seth AND MORE!

Please, check it out! <3

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You must have a Myspace to join:
This is the Myspace website
(Please keep reading how to fully join though!)
I am Alice Cullen on this role playing site.
This is the main connecting site though. (If you have any problems or wish me to post a bulletin asking all the members to add you then you can message me)
This is how it works:
1: Add me as a "friend" onto your original Myspace
2: Message me to see which characters are open for you to become.
3: Create a new Myspace as that character
4: Then you role play as your character by commenting the character you wish to role play with. You must start out by commenting me until the other players add you or I can ask them to add you if you wish.
5: Please follow the few short rules in the About me section on my (Alice's) Myspace. (If anyone is ever bothering you please message me and I will try to make them stop) If you do not follow the rules I will have to delete you from my "friends' list.

Please join if you wish to :)
Oh and if your new to Myspace sending a message is different than sending a comment.
Message: Only the person you send it to can read it.
Comment: Anyone who looks at that person's Myspace can read it.

Alice Cullen
Isabella (Bella) Swan
Esme Cullen
Rosalie Hale
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Okay, I have a few Twilight Roleplaying sites. That is a Twilight and Harry Potter Site Same as the one above Twilight Roleplaying
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Post by Autumn »

I would highly recommend you this site:
It's still in the main stage, but is upgraded really fast and there isn't just RPG, you can also chat. We have contests and there are some pretty good RPrs.

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Post by Edwardisanangel! »

This is a site that my friend Katie and I started a few months ago, and we are in desperate need of roleplayers, because right now most people are RPing up to 6 people...

Don't be deterred by the weird and ever-changing title or the strange format--I just get bored sometimes.
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Ooh Takeoutt wrote: ... hp?act=idx


just go to
*read first
and register for a character

Still need these characters

Crowley, Tyler
Dwyer, Renee
Mallory, Lauren
Newton, Mike
Swan, Charlie
Weber, Angela
Yorkie, Eric
Atera, Quill
Black, Billy
Black, Jacob
Uley, Sam
Hale, Jasper
Cullen, Emmett


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