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Kizmet wrote:I guess I'll take this opportunity to advertise a site that isn't mine, but that I'm a member of. We're just getting started and we need all the characters except Bella, Edward, Jacob, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, and Jasper (that's right, no one has taken Carlisle or Emmett - I'm shocked, personally). We especially (in my mind at least) need to fill the role of Sam because as Jacob I can't do much without the alpha.

Just quoting myself to let everyone know that we are still in need of characters at this site, although Emmett has been taken since that first post.

ETA: Also, we seem to have lost our EDWARD and the admins will be accepting applications for a new one.

ETA again on 9/22/07: We are STILL looking for an Edward, but Sam and Leah have been taken.
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I own this one. ... hp?act=idx

No sooner had my head hit the pillow that I seemed to be awake again, but only I knew it was a dream. The forest's cool green density was everywhere, the only oddity being the large golden bell infront of me. I reached my hand out as though to approach it, but the cool firm hand of Edward caught it, standing there like perfect sculpted statue he was and as well as though he'd been standing there from the start.

The bell began to chime, being as large as it was I hadn't expected the pure innocent-like sound that escaped it, but that sound itself filled me with an overbearing fear that was only smoothed when I caught Edward's crooked smile. When I'd turned my head for a fuller view of Edward, that was when I saw all of the Cullen's there standing side by side behind us with the exception of Alice who stood determined infront of Jasper. I could feel the pure sense of wrong in the air but let it fall away with every moment I met Edward's gaze, which came to an end when a sickeningly metallic crack came from the large golden bell as it shattered into infinitesimal shards followed by several blood curdling roars and snarls. I couldn't move, atleast I wouldn't dare to as every inch of the forest seemed to light up with different colored eyes, from the liquid topaz I'd seen in Edward's eyes to the varying hues of crimsons a 'non-vegetarian' vampire could have and I almost swore Jacob's and Sam's eyes were in that mass somewhere. Edward moved to stand before me, when then I realized as I spun my head to look over my shoulder... there were several figures, humanoid and wolf bounding in from surrounding us, that was when my throat decided to let out a choked scream as my eyes snapped open into empty dark room I'd been waking up in ever since I'd moved to forks.

It took a few minutes to get ahold of myself, slowly grasping onto the little bits of consciousness to put things together, and why it was Edward wasn't there. Of all the dreams to have the day before, dare I say it, my wedding.


I remember when Edward's family had held my birthday party in this very house, but even then it could not amount to the very breath taking sight it held now. Chairs had been organized for what guests were coming, which was not exactly a huge mass at all when you considered Charlie, Renee, Angela, and Mike were already a pretty good portion of who were invited. The decor was of course pure and elegant, all thanks to Alice's determination and I wouldn't forget to mention Esme's energy in the whole ordeal as well. Everything leading up to this very moment was nerve shaking, from the moment 'engaged' got tossed into Charlie's earshot to mere minutes ago when I met mom's wet eyes as Charlie lead me arm in arm toward Edward.

In this moment, every step I took felt like I was reliving all the memories since I'd moved here and when I should of winced at the memories of when I once lost Edward, the very bold fact that I was about to be his in every human sense, and not too long after I'd be his eternally allowed it for the first time ever to dissipate into an almost blissful feeling. I was beginning to wonder when the anxiety I'd had over this very day would kick in and I would just dart for the door, or collapse in a fit, but the fact of the matter was, I was happy, even the look in Charlie's eyes of finally trying to beat into himself his need to accept who I'd chosen was practically enough to make me forget I'd felt like the world was about to shatter today, especially when even Alice seemed rather apprehensive around Jasper on the day she worked so hard to be perfect for me.

For a fluttering moment as I was only a foot and a half from Edward, there was that Anne of Green Gables image again... but now, I was living it with the beautifully classic dress that swayed upon my small frame with every motion. The bronze of Edward's hair nearly shimmered in the house's lighting, his perfect face looking at me with a very warm smile that I could do nothing more as I drifted into a stare of admiration. My fleeting glances to the crowd earlier had already been somewhat disheartening to know Jacob would not be here, but the time for questioning his motives was not appropriate as I moved to stand before Edward.

Carlisle had taken up old reigns as he held a worn bible firmly in hand, to anyone else that could learn the Cullen's secret they would probably find that a little humorous, but to me it only seemed more natural to have Carlisle be the one to confirm our vows. This was all of course the moment we were all gathered, Carlisle opened his mouth to begin and I felt my heart stop. A chorus of howls thunderously seared the air, sending a chill down my spine as if the ensuing shattering of glass didn't startle us further. Everyone turned to the sound as a form clumsily hit the ground, no sooner was there that 'thud' did the very wall where the man had crashed through the Cullen's window practically explode. I could hear mom yelling, Edward pressing me behind him before he was seeming to lunge or approach the fray and I could hardly make out what happened next as the predatory growls and snarls filled the house.

"THOSE WOLVES!" I could swear it was Charlie that yelled, but I couldn't be sure as the massive forms of a three wolv-- werewolves were snapping and gashing over the screams of whoever their victim was. I was horrified, was it Sam? Quil? Jacob? What wewre they doing? As the dust settled the I was met by three sets of eyes, two of which bore at all of us with their blue intensity before unforgiving jaws set into the victim again, and they took off out the front door with as much force as they'd entered with. It was only then I heard the extremely poisonous tone in Edward's whisper as I caught, "...vampire.." escape his lips in a whisper. My eyes widened as my gaze rigidly sat glued to the mess made by the unnaturally sized wolves and their entrance and exit, shouts began to congregate and Emmett bounded out the door, or what was left of it to attempt a pursuit, as Rosalie and the others swarmed us and I could only stare past them all, looking at the shock and horror on mom's face, let alone Phil and dad.

I felt my legs go weak as I pressed myself against Edward to keep myself standing. Why does everything potentially lethal have to find me and pop in to say 'Hi'.

___ before the twilight
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Post by Alice09 »

Hey although this is a new site.Its a site for Role playing for the Twilight series.

I'm really hoping more people join. Although, it doesn't sound that interesting because there are very little people on the site.

I'm hoping that more and more people will one day join, and the community of our site will grow.

Please join our site, add new ideas, new threads, and replys to current,past, and future threads.I hope to see you there!!!![/url
My Twilight Role Playing Site: Darn to Join?:

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Post by Gweneth »

Well... I haven't got much to say. Just click here :D
Yours, Gwen
P.S.: Yes, there WILL be a vampire background...but for now it's the wolf

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Post by Ooh Takeoutt » ... hp?act=idx


just go to
*read first
and register for a character

Still need these characters

Crowley, Tyler
Dwyer, Renee
Mallory, Lauren
Newton, Mike
Swan, Charlie
Weber, Angela
Yorkie, Eric
Atera, Quill
Black, Billy
Black, Jacob
Uley, Sam
Hale, Jasper
Cullen, Emmett

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Post by RewindSlayer »

I role play on Myspace as Bella and Victoria. If you are interested in role playing with me here are the sites. I am a multi paragraph rper(but I can do para)




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lover that site already

Post by * ~ Carly ~ * »

Hey people:) is anyone going to continue the cullen house, Continuation of Confrontation???? I was reading it! :cry: :cry: :cry:its on the house of insanity site

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Yes I agree, I am a NEW member of House of Insanity and I think it is by far one of the best RP sites I've ever seen for the twilight series. However, things have come to a definate stand still when I joined. I'm trying to get things fired up again but I would LOVE for more people to join!
It's not m site but it is an AMAZING one! Everyone is extremely friendly and i'd love to see more people from the lexicon come join us!
Join now at:
You can make up your own character or chose one! :P

Join now!! :D
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Post by RewindSlayer »

Twilight Series is really popular on myspace for role playing sites. Why don't you all go there?

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Hey guys I'm from the roleplaying website Bella Luna. The site has really taken off beginning with a mere 6 members when I joined to a sky-rocketed 83. At first when I joined I was a little skeptical, seeing that none of the previous sites fit my criteria and this one has. The people are always friendly and helpful, and we all just want to have a good time. The site was originally posted on the lexicon and now is also posted on Stephanie Meyer's offical site. Our cannon character list has really filled up, but there are still some open spots for some really cool characters, and you also have the option of making your own character. Be sure to check it out, heres the link for anyone that is interested.

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