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Post by TheOriginalEdward »

I figured I would add myself into the jumble of fun that is Twilight Roleplaying

All the Cullens are filled up, but we always like people to come read and critique us, I play Edward and my girlfriend plays Bella which is why our chemistry is basically unrivaled :lol:

We are however looking for a majorly important semi-lit to lit person to play our Pre-made villain


It's a good thing you're bulletproof...

The pages have turned to a close, and here the story still continues'

Until my heart stops beating

That is the one thought swirling throughout Bella Swan's head, eyeing the figure sitting at her side, looking as calm and cool as ever.

Good thing he can't read all minds'

'Is this really what's best for her?

The one phrase that Edward Cullen asks himself as he watches the one he loves deep in thought, no matter how much he loves her, the thought looms, couldn't they still be together even if her heart was still beating?

There's no much precedence to compare to, never has there been such a tumultuous affair as that of a girl and her vampire.
Regardless, the ring is on her finger, the dress has been picked, and Chief Swan has survived the shock of his life as a father.

Welcome to Forks, Washington in the Summer 2006--- You are cordially invited to the wedding of the Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen, god willing.

As August 13th gets nearer and nearer, there seems to be more than just a wedding to worry about, can love truly conquer all in a world where hearts can't even beat?

Until my heart stops beating...

That day should be soon enough, soon there would be virtually no problems, it would be a veritable Happy Ever After.

Or not--

With the return of Jacob Black, as well as a new player in the game, looming just as deep and dark as the thoughts lurking in the happy couple's heads.

Will there really be an: I do, for all Eternity?

(you can click the banner too I believe haha)
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Post by Holly Duerre »

I find it weird how good some roleplayers are
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Post by x-Shadow-x »

Moriko-Demon wrote: ... hp?act=idx

This site is mine. It has calmed down a little bit, and is fairly new, but it has promise, I swear. :]

We need orginal characters and made up characters. I'm Nadia Sanders. :]

As of now, our Isabella Swan has left--she's new and thinks that somebody better should play her. So she's open as well. :]]
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Post by Alellie »

Yah this one's mine----> Twilighters

I haven't been checking it for's recently made...but yah...

-alellie (hmm...has nothing to say really.)

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Post by Tessa »

I just recently put together a Twilight RPG site. Right now we only have Alice, Edward and an original character; so mostly everyone is available.

If you are interested in signing up, please use an ordinary username. We are taking applications for the other characters.

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Post by ~VolvoGirl~ »

Um can I post mine too? The Roleplay has just started up but i'm hoping it will become popular very soon.

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Here is a good site too.
It was introduced by a friend.
Here it is:

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