Censorship of Press, Speech, + Other Media

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Do you approve of censorship?

Yes, with exceptions.
Yes, with no exceptions.
No votes
No, with exceptions.
No, without exceptions.
Total votes: 30

The Leading Lady
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Post by The Leading Lady »

This really sums up my position n censorship:

"Censorship, like charity, should beging at home, but unlike charity, should also remain there."

Basically, if you don't want you children or family litening/reading/watching, etc. something, don't let them watch it. But you should not go tell others 'No, you CANNOT read this because I don't agree withit'.

Literary censorship: No, with no exceptions. Freedom of Press technically protects books from being censored/banned, but the american people as usual don't listen (Google PABBIS to see what I mean)

Television: I think that combinig the TV-ratings system and the time slots of different shows is doing a decent job at making it easier for some people to view offensive shows, as well as parental controls.

Music: Freedom of Speech/Press. Bleep out the words, but you can't tell someone they can't sing/rap their mind (some rappers actually do have positive songs)

Theater: Don't like a show? THEN DON'T BUY A TICKET.

I believe that it is the duty of parents to monitor what their kids should watch, based on age and maturity level (for instance, my parents thought it fine for me to read The Da Vinci Code at 12 because they thought I was mature enough) Ratings systems should be implemented, but censorship should be kept to a minimum.
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Post by pelirroja »

I think what's good to remember is that no right is absolute. In other words your "right" stops at the point where it does more harm than good. In other words, when your right takes away another's right of personal safety or similar matters.

For example limits on free speech:

1. You can't yell "Fire" in a crowded darkened theater and not except to be charged with criminal mischief.

2. You can't libel someone. In other words you can print you think they are the scum of the earth, but you can't state that they are a devil worshiper who eats children if it isn't true.

3. You can't stand at the front of an angry mob and yell, "I know who caused all this trouble. It's the guy over there in the blue shirt. Let's get him!" That's inciting a riot and possibly an accessory to murder.

As for banned books, I think you have the right to publish whatever you want, but I as a private citizen have the right to decide if I want to read it and I get to make the choice as to if my underage child gets to read it. Beyond that, I'm overstepping my bounds.
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Post by RockerBy_Angel »

Call me overly liberal or call me loony but I think that we were given the first ammendment as a right (NOT a privelege) and it should remain that way without boundries. It is up to you the person to make up your mind on what YOU want and do NOT want to see. As far as children being exposed to "unethical" content, that is souly up to the parents. Parents and religious leaders can whine and complain all they want about books, music, movies, etc. but in the end, their children will just end up getting ahold of the so-called sinful content anyway--because mommy and daddy were to busy rallying than watching their kids.

True, there are certain boundries--however I do NOT think it should be made into a law nor do I agree with such boundries (such as yelling "FIRE" when there is none and slanderous remarks) because that is a manner of common sense, respect, and dignity. We do not need to be treated like children by a money hungry government and so it should remain that way.

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Re: Censorship of Press, Speech, + Other Media

Post by Cocoa »

The Leading Lady wrote:Book Banning and challenging are acts that still take place in the world today from Harry Potter (Occult! Satanism!) to The Chocolate War (Sexuality! Religion!) to Where's Waldo? (Nudity!)
The Chocolate War was required reading when I was a freshman in high school. My mom read ever book I was suposed to read before I did, she didn't want me reading that book. I was given an alternate book to read for class that unit. This type of parental censorship I applaud. Its very much in a parents right to not want their child to read certian material. I am bothered by teachers who give these parents difficulties. These parents should be held as great examples of parental envolvement. Not given a hard time.

But I am equally botherd by parents who force their parenting practices on the entire class. Our school banned halloween dress-up because one parent found the holiday offensive and threatened legal action. *sigh*.
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Post by indi »

I think censorship is essentially wrong, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule. I'd just have to think of one. haha.
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Post by waitingformyvampire23 »

Silly me, I accidently chose "Yes, with exceptions", instead of "No, with exceptions". Really need to learn to read the question properly (It's a noticable problem in tests I do).

Anyway, back to the subject. I don't approve of censorship in general. Parents telling their kids not to read/watch/etc. stuff I think is good, but it's stupid to force it on everyone else. In my school, as far as I know anyway, book banning isn't so big an issue. Though I think the teachers aren't supposed to dissuss HP or The Di Vinci Code with us. (Though we do have HP in the library.)

At least with my father (my mum doesn't read so much), I can usually argue (nicely) to get a book I want, but if he decides as a final decision he usually says "In a couple of years" or something like that.
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Post by trine »

In general, I'm pro-censorship. However, there are exceptions where I think censorship is wrong.
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Post by Chaos »

Everyone has their own opinions on what should and should not be allowed. It comes with being a certain religion or from a different family. Personally, I think that people should make their own decisions on what's right for them and what isn't.

I agree with what Pel stated, that any book can be published, but it is the readers choice to read it or not. I don't think that people should tell others not to read the book if it goes against their religion, or because they don't approve. Or begin public protests because Harry Potter is supposedly Satanist, while children and adults world wide are already in love with it's characters.

Book banning isn't an issue in my school. All books are there for the some one to read. If one person thinks that the book is inappropriate then they shouldn't read it.
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Post by Michelle. »

I agree with The Leading Lady on pretty much all of her points. As a parent, it is YOUR responsibility to discuss with your children about your views on what is acceptable for them to read, see and hear. In my opinion, many of the problems with censorship come from parents not doing their job. Because of this, the government feels the need to step in and set ground rules for EVERYONE. But everyone (especially in America, with our hodge-podge of religions and cultures) has different ideas of what is right for different ages, and what is right for anyone at all. So the government, trying to appease as many people as possible just keeps censoring more and more, (and in a worst case scenario) until eventually, no one will really be willing to say anything for fear of being shut up and shut down. Basically, what we need is a HUGE dose of common sense (which really isn't very common) and moderation. Man, this has really turned into a mini-rant. I have extremely strong feelings about parenting, if you couldn't tell... I very much wish there were some feasible, ethical way of licensing parents... but that's a different topic.
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Post by Forsaken »

unless what you're saying is intentionally causing violence or physical harm to another you should be able to say whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want.
People should be brought up to know you should curse at the top of your lungs in a public place because of children, but its perfectly fine to be talking in a normal voice among yourselves and curse like all hells gone loose. If people hear and are offended, well, they shouldn't be listening to someone else's private conversation.

as far as banning books/music/basically anything else
there is a rating system for a REASON
you shouldn't be allowed to bad anything
its rated, people who don't want that material should not purchase the book/cd/movie/ect
people act like they're forced to read/watch/listen to these things
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