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rosieposie wrote: People watching
My mom does that too. :lol:
Scarlett_Redd wrote: -The sand between my toes
:shock: Ugh! Hate sand.

-Beating my friend at tennis and reducing the numver of cokes I owe him.
-Finishing a book.

Eh...More later.
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Playing a new song for the first time...
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Twilight and New Moon.
Walking barefoot after a long day.
Water. Even from the faucet, I love playing with it.
BLOOD! Hehe, the reason I want to be in forensics.
The Rain.
The smell of oatmeal.
The smell of chocolate chip cookies.
The smell of old books.
A room that is completely covered in books.
Looking for the right book to buy.
Peanut Butter.
Being on the Lexicon.
Being on the computer.
Starting a Book.

Oh and I have soo much more!

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Post by bella109 »

The smell of lilacs
Cuddly puppies
Twilight (both the book and the time of day)
Re-reading a book you've forgotten you like
Warm water
Green (anything)

and more, but i cant think of any now
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1. Peanut butter and Chocolate (together... mmmm tasty.)
2. Listening to my husband play his guitar
3. Singing. Anywhere, anytime.
4. Shoulder kisses. Seriously.
5. When people tell me that my husband looks like Frank Sinatra (it's only happened twice, but honestly, how sweet is that?)
6. The sound of waves swallowing up the sand.

Oh, Tender Mercies...
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mine are:

-feeling clean (like after you get out of the shower)
-the crunch of leaves in fall
-going outside after all the snow is gone
-playing in the rain
-laying on the beach
-seeing/making a little kid smile or laugh
- the lexicon
-clean air
-my friends
-cherries, apples, oranges, and grapes.
- making people proud of me

there is so much more, but i would take up to much room. If i think of any really good ones, the i'll post

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more simple pleasures:

-making up after a bad fight
-days off from work
-holding hands
-blue eyes
-talking to someone you havent talked to in forever
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Vampire Princess
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-The feel of my phone vibrating
-Showering after going to Warped Tour
-The Color Pink
-Finding a really good avatar
-Hearing a really good lyric in a song
-Being able to listen to Senses Fail and then Ciara
-Being hit on while at work
-Getting things out of adults that others won't give you
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Feeling loved.
Cold, rainy days.
The Cullen Candy shop.
All my besties here at the lex.
Cute vintage clothing.
My razr.
Getting a letter.
The smell of just cut grass.
The smell of cement after it rains.
The smell of gasoline.
Curling up on a rainy day in a warm blanket and a really good book.
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The sound of a hard cover book opening for the first time
Cooking ground beef (I know, really, really weird, but for some reason it makes me happy!)
The smell of fresh strawberries and blueberries
Potting soil (it smells like dirt after a fresh rain)
Shakespeare plays
Bubble baths
New shoes
Diet Pepsi
Watching my husband sleep
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