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Post by Silver.Insanity »

I've been writing this story for a Thousand Words or Less challenge...

It's called Kill; the challenge was to write a plot revolving around the death of an OC/Self-Insert.

I have to change the rating to M for character death, so if that stuff bothers you.

If you're fine with that stuff, please read. If not, then I'm currently working on another story, Symphony.

Please and thank you.
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Post by Lunna-san »

Hi! :D

Just dropping by to say that I posted the chapter 11 of my story, Independent Bella.

Here is the link. ... dent_Bella
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Post by Nikkinik »

Hello everyone! I'm sorry to be off topic. :( But I just want to share with you all that I host a Twilight webshow on ustream. I'm broadcasting now, and I broadcast pretty much every night. Feel free to join the fun!
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Post by urcoolcarrie »

hey everyone! i wanted to let you all know that i have chapter 7 of death wish up! the link is in my siggy. :)
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Post by Aymzie »

I wrote a fanfic the other day about Jasper and blood, very basically. So yeah, it'd be nice to have some vulgar language is ugly or something, cus I know there're flaws but I don't think I can see all of them... Thanks.


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Post by Isabel0329 »

New chapter story!

Title: Across The Airwaves
Author: Isabel0329
Rating: M for future chapters
Genre: Romance
URL (if not posted here): ... e_Airwaves
Characters/Pairings: Edward/Bella
Short summary: Bella Swan is suffering from another bout of her continual insomnia when she comes across a velvety voice on the radio late at night. AU, All-Human.
Any warnings: Nothing yet.
Disclaimer: I have no beta, but like it that way. :( And yet another plot bunny run amok in my head.
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Post by Vixen with a Vendetta »

This is my first FanFic so feed back and such would be greatly appreciated. ^^; I'm rather nervous about it so yeah...

Title: Uptown Girl
Author: Vixen with a Vendetta
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella
Short Summary: After getting out of Phoenix, Bella is a successful editor in the Uptown life of New York. Just when she thought she had her life completely figured out, she comes across a dazzling taxi driver. All Human
Personal Notes: No beta. First FanFic. I wanted to try something a little different than most fanfics. Usually Edward is some sort of musician or doctor, but this time he is a... taxi driver?! The idea was originally inspired to me by listening to the song Uptown Girl by Billy Joel. Find out more by reading it please. ^^
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