REALLY Annoying Actors

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Post by pinkmango »

i don't really like Nicolas Cage or Chad Michael Murray. they both seem to mumble there lines making it hard to understand what they are saying. alot of times the characters they play don't have much emotion...
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Post by Bloodlust »

sorcery_of_the_heart wrote:I'm sorry I'm going to have to say that Ashley Tisdale is not on this list enough... I think she is one of the worst actresses in the history of ever. My dog can act better than she can. *looks at dog* Play dead Tubbs. *Tubbs lays sprawled out motionless.* *looks at Ashley* Play dead. Ashley: But lyke the floor might mess up my hair and you know that I love my extentions.
This cracks me up. And she can't sing either. High School Musical 2 was one of the most painful things to watch because of her (and Zac Efron trying to play Elvis). Your dog should go to Hollywood. lol He could ruin Ashley Tisdale's career and spare us all.
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Post by waiting to be dazzled »

i absolutely cannot stand...

Ashley Tisdale- i don't get why she's so famous. when she sings, it sounds like some kind of bad robot. her tan is fake and so is her hair.

Zac Efron- no talent. can barely act and sing. drew seeley (his voice in hsm) is MUCH better in terms of singing. i can't understand why people think he's hot...he reminds me of a gorilla, especially in "bet on it".

Paris Hilton- ew.

Lindsay Lohan- again, ew.

Vanessa Hudgens- her giggle in hsm2 was enough to drive me crazy. as my friend put it, "shut your mouth or i will stick my fist in it!"

Miley Cyrus- i seriously do not understand why people love her. she has singing talent, but no acting skills at all. plus, she's a name dropper. she thinks she's all famous and better than others because her best friend is ashley tisdale. geez.

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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Basically anyone who's on the Disney Channel, Amanda Bynes, Sara Paxton... That's about the only ones I can think of for now.
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Post by sorcery_of_the_heart »

This cracks me up. And she can't sing either. High School Musical 2 was one of the most painful things to watch because of her (and Zac Efron trying to play Elvis). Your dog should go to Hollywood. lol He could ruin Ashley Tisdale's career and spare us all.
Hehe! I'll ask him one day... Maybe we will venture up to Hollywood and save the world from annoyances such as Ashley and all her kind...
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Post by Klutzy_albino »

chad micheal murray, Hilary duff, Emma Roberts, Hadyn Panitierr, anyone on the hills, (which if we want to be technical, are actors, poor ones, but still) And, as seems to be common ground among us, ashley tisdale. BAH
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Post by *waiting for my edward* »

anyone from disney, the HSM crew, kay panabaker, ben stiller on occasion, and i think thats it.

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Post by Allessandra »

Hillary Duff, Lindsey Lohan, many others I don't even care to know their names. Just . . . ugh!!
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Post by Rose's Thorn »

Most of the Disney Channel people, but Josh Peck REALLY gets on my nerves.
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Post by Dr.Who? »

I detest Keira Knightley. Keira Nightmare, more like...

I also don't like Rupert Grint. No offense... but it's not working.

Anyone on Disney is bad. Evil.

And Felicity Kendall is a good Shakespearian actress, but should stay away from detective shows. Of course, her detective show shouldn't even be in existance. It's just fun to laugh at. (Rosemary and Thyme for those who aren't big on British television...)

And that one David Tennant! Who could ever be able to stand him!

(Just joking..)

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