Pick Your Pretty (PEOPLE): "I'll be in my bunk."

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Fill in the blank: Looking at ________ is like staring into the sun.

Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester
Sam's Hair-- er, Jared Padalecki
Charlie Hunnam
Taylor Hanson
the other two Hansons
No votes
Gaspard Ulliel
Henry Cavill
Dude, is this poll rigged?
Er, my choice isn't up there. What kind of freakin' poll is this?
Total votes: 173

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Pick Your Pretty (PEOPLE): "I'll be in my bunk."

Post by firefly »

What is it that you find attractive about a guy? Or person, I suppose, for the 2 guys on this forum.

Is it the hair?

The eyes?

The eyelashes?

The eyebrows?

The cheekbones?

The smile?

The smirk?

The scruff?

The bowlegs?

The... uh, guh.

The inappropriate attire?

The oral fixation?

The overall pretty?

No one word answers, please. And link to photos. Think of the bandwidth. :)

And, uh, as you may have noticed, this thread? Not so much about the personality. Unleash your inner Jessica shallowness.

Three guesses who I picked. And the first two don't count. :wink:
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Isabella Cullen

Post by Isabella Cullen »


hehehe. 8)
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Post by Marcy »

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Bella Rocks
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Post by Bella Rocks »

I'm for the personality in a girl.As long as there decent
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Post by Cornie »

Hmmm...Taylor, or Gaspard...

Gaspard is my muse...he's easy to find pictures to work with and he's got those dark dark blue eyes...He's versatile and man can that boy work the evil look!

Taylor's got the voice and those beachy looks. AND we share an obsession with scarves...pensieve and adorable. Memories of him go back for years...

These pictures have me wavering....
The cool attitude and devious look in the eye
Or those searching eyes, and innocent appeal

This is getting painful...Two pretties...each booteeful in their own way...*ponders*...GAH! *rips hair out trying to decide*

Sorry Tay...Gaspard's eyes got me on this one...no matter HOW hard they are to color.
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Post by firefly »

I deliberately left off Nathan Fillion because I didn't want to have to choose between Dean and Mal, but Fillion? Is. Made. Of. Awesome: http://www.martinfirrell.com/supersecretthingy.html

Big. Damn. Hero.

And pretty, to boot.

"I love my captain."

"Blue eyed son of a hurricane" is Malcolm Reynolds.
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Post by Kacie »

i can't link all the photos. but yes i am attracted to short hair and muscular arms and long eyelashes. no pref for eyecolor. and good skin gotta take care of your face. yummy! lol *skips off to la la land* what a way to start the day! Image
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Post by kitten13 »

Oh, wow, you guys. Another thread...

Anywho, I pick... Sam('s hair).

Okay, so I started out with mainly 'Dean!', but... I dunno. Still adore the Pretty, don't get me wrong, but... the Puppy...

(This this may or may not have to do with modart-coloring him most of the day...bright colors and brighter smiles messed with my brain... Or the cowboy picture, which is very weird for me, because I don't tend to like cowboys. Space cowboy {And Big. Damn. Hero.} Mal excluded})

"Dude, is this poll rigged?" I so wanted that one... but decided to answer a real answer.

...As for the main question? I tend to waver, a lot, which probably means I'm not especially biased... or that I'm 16. (I'll be seventeen next week...)
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Post by Tennyo »

Is this going to turn into Supernatural Fangirls vs Taylor fangirls?

I voted Dean. He is the original sun.
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Post by jenn_1314 »

AHHHHHHH! *rips hair out*
I couldn't choose.
There's too much pretty to pick from.
This is like picking between ice cream and ice cream.
Well, if it was extremely hot outside and the ice cream was available of course.
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