Your Best Memory?

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Your Best Memory?

Post by LadySinger12 »

What is your best (or favorite) memory?

My favorite memory is when my baby cousin was born. It was almost a year ago and I went up to go and see his mother (my first cousin) in the hospital. The nurse brought my baby cousin back into the room, ( cannot remember why the took him) and I was asked if I wanted to hold him. I said yes, but I was a little nervous. (he was soooo tiny!!) Once in my arms, his eyes opened (small and still dark. His eyes are now blue!) and I placed my finger into his hand. He grasped it and would not let go. Gently removing my finger from his tiny hand, I brought him closer to me and her turned and nuzzled the place were my heart was, and he listened to it.

Yeah... It seems pathetic, but I love children!!
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Post by Marcy »

This is a toughie.

For most people, it is the first moment they see their baby for the first time. But that isn't really the case for me. We adopted our first son, and we were there at the hospital when he was born. He was born very early, and pretty sick, and in TX they require the birth mother to wait 48 hours to sign the paperwork relinquishing her rights to the baby. So the first time I saw Gryffin, I was very happy, but more terrified than I had ever been in my life. We already loved him, and already felt that he was OUR baby, but we knew there were still so many things that could go wrong. They anticipated several weeks in the NICU for him. The moment his bm signed her papers, and we signed ours was a biggie, but the real killer moment with Gryff was when we walked into the NICU at 3 AM one morning (we always had to leave from 11-3 during shift change and other housekeeping things) after watching the Pirates of the Carribean movie in the theatre. We thought we still had several weeks to stay at the hospital (we were out of town, it was rough, and I was worried about my baby) When we walked in the Dr. was there holding Gryff, and he looked up at us and smiled.

"You're out of the woods. His breathing is fine, and you are going home tomorrow and taking your baby with you"

Hearing those words, and knowing that not only was Gryffin mine forever, but that his health was going to be fine?
There are no words to describe a feeling like that.
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Post by skyline_eyes »

hmmm, trying to fit my five closest *and only* friends into a picture booth at the mall food court while a T.V. on top of the photobooth showed all the pictures we took to everyone who happened to be walking by.
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Post by Kizmet »

I guess if I thought about it more I might come up with something else, but off the top of my head I think it's an epiphany I had earlier this year. You see, there was this guy who I had liked since 7th grade (I'm a freshman in highschool now) and at the end of 8th grade I told him, and he was very nice about it but he broke my heart. Over the summer I thought I had gotten over him but as soon as I saw him at the beginning of this year I realized I hadn't. Then on the first day of school I met this other guy and like a month into the school year I started realizing I really liked him. Also, over the summer I had met this guy who goes to a different school and developed a bit of a crush on him. But I still liked the first guy and it was absolutely agonizing. Stupidly, I felt disloyal to the first guy for liking the other two guys even though the first guy didn't even like me back. So I was really messed up over it, and it wasn't helped by the fact that I never got to see the guy from over the summer anymore. Then one day in biology, which I have with both the first guy and the other guy who goes to my school, we were split up into two groups for this debate. While my group was discussing how to defend our position, I was standing next to the two guys. Then the first guy said something so I turned to look at both of them and suddenly something just clicked in my mind. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I didn't like the first guy anymore, and I more than liked the second guy - I loved him. I still love him. The rest of the day I was so happy. Everyone thought I was insane because I would randomly go up to my friends and say things like, "Isn't life awesome?" and they had no idea why.
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Post by Bella Rocks »

none of mine really stick out because they were all about the same or anymore meaningless,it usded to be the awrds when i won a giant compeion but i'm used to it now
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Post by Chaos »

On Edward's Birthday last year, MS, Ven, and I sat in her garage on little ugly plastic chairs, without luke warm pops next to us, and just sat there listening to music and asking each other the most ridiculous questions. Later around 3 AM when we got tired, we went into her room and fell asleep, though we planned to watch the sunrise, but when the alarm went off an hour later, I distinctly remember MS chucking something heavy at it to quiet the beeping.
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Post by bellaedwardfan77 »

My best memory is probably when the guy I liked let me dance with him, because I'm not very popular, and he is... That meant the world to me.
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Post by MCR_lyssa »

my friend karina's halloween party last year.
we played foot ball with a glowstick
stood in the front yard really still and (some people thought we were statues) scared innocent by-passers
then we turned the lights off for a midnight nine. and with only one glowstick.
Then we stayed until midnight asking each other stupid questions...
good times, good times.
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Post by Katie Is Obsessed »

I think mine was when I went a graduation party with all my friends like 2 weeks ago. It was hilarious. We all got into the pool and then pulled everyone else who wouldn't get in, in. Then we all jumped into the hot tub and started throwing these plastic balls at each other.

After that we ate and locked two people in the towel bin and one wouldn't come out no matter how hard we tried. That was followed by throwing the people who came late into the pool and than everyone else.

All that was followed by some very dirty dancing for like 4 hours where everyone proceeded to go outside and wait to get picked up. Outside at like midnight we started screaming and running up and down the street. It was one of the best nights of my entire life and I will hopefully be doing it again in the next couple of weeks.
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Post by Dreaming Of Edward »

My best memory :?:
Sorry, have mem loss. Okay, my best memory was when I met Stephanie meyer... wait, that was a dream...
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