Where would Edward change Bella?

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personally i think it should be at the Cullen house b/c that would be her house and it would symolize a new beginning/life for her......if that makes any sense to u!
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Post by Natalie »

It would probably be best to change her in Denali, away from everyone. Plus the treaty wouldn't apply.
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Post by laura6 »

i think he will change her where ever she is injured or they're in danger...so just a random place.
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laura6 wrote:i think he will change her where ever she is injured or they're in danger...so just a random place.
Either that, or they're on the run from the Volturi because they waited too long...>_<;;
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Post by CullenWannaB »

My version I am hoping for is Bella and Edward Graduate. Get Married pretend to go to college and that way Edward is safe to change her with out breaking the treaty.

I do think it would have to be somewhere remote because who knows how Bella will react once she is a vampire. Edward would have to take her to a place where she wouldn't be tempted to kill a human. Being a vampire may not be as easy as she thinks.
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Post by Topaz_Vampire »

It really is hard to say, from what I have read and seen from other fans ideas. I think that bella might be changed at a unusal time by edward. From what I hear, Bella has to choose between edwards love and jacobs friendship.What ever she chooses it will lead to a sort of fight or change in the balance in her life and vamp and warewolf history. Or it could be me I like a good "hook" in idea to make your head turn ^_^.
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i think hes going to change her on their honeymoon. so where ever that is is the place it will happen i guess.

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Post by Unchallenged »

after baking she will feel things as a human and then seem unsure then edward will change her after the honeymoon or during but location mmmm...diffucult
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Post by Rubester »

it's going to be so difficult after he changes her and he has to watch her go through all the pain and he can't do anything.
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Post by Spazzzy »

N.Sidney wrote:
xabsolutionx wrote:Edward would probably want it to be somewhere romantic and dramatic and Bella just wants it so much she'd be happy with the side of the road.
I don't think that there's going to be anything romantic about it. Especially Edward wouldn't view it like that. She will be in a great amount of pain and well for lack of a better word, dying. It's Edward's worst nightmare!
I disagree. I think he will bring her somewhere special . He will probably want her last view as a human to be good. Of course Bella won't care though. She just wants to be changed, by Edward.
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