Where would Edward change Bella?

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Where would Edward change Bella?

Post by Bella_lookalike »

At first i said the Meadow but, then i remebered the treaty and he can't change her there. So i thought that they would have to move to another place before he changes her. But then again what about Charlie, Renne and Jacob? They wouldn't allow for her to move. This are the questions that haunt me. :D
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Post by XxKatiexX »

That's a good question... i thought about that too, what if Edward and Bella go to Seattle or Phoenix or Jacksonville there he could do it couldn't he ?

Bella has the ticket to Jacksonville and it would look like she wants to visit her Mum, But it is no special place so Italy could it be too. but a bit far away.
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Post by Katie Is Obsessed »

I don't really think it matters as long as their not in Forks or around it. But I do wonder if they would go to like some special place or something...Then again it doesn't really matter to me where as long as IT happens...
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Post by morning_flower »

Edward wouldn't change bella unless she agreed to marry him so wouldn't it be where ever they were going to get married, somewhere romantic??
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Post by Isabell »

I don't think they will get married. I think the Volturri will come back and it will be a no choice situation. They will probably go somewhere where they can be alone for days, where the Volturri won't go look for them. Maybe with Tanya's family, or someplace far away. I don't think they would go to Jacksonville...Bella wouldn't want the Volturri to follow her anywhere near her mother.
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Post by forever_seventeen »

I would like to think that Bella would want to make a special occasion out of it, seeing as how she thought that was what was going on when he was taking her to prom. But I agree that it won't really be something that they will have the chance to plan out or really decide where it will happen. It will be a do-it-now or lose-her-forever type of situation.
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Post by Incantare »

I always imagined it in the meadow :lol:. It seemed the most romantic place (I've read too many fanfictions). Or perhaps the Cullen house where Carlisle could keep an eye on Edward to make sure he doesn't lose control (like that would actually happen).
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Post by jesseh »

Yeah. I always figured the Meadow, too. xP *cliche'd*

Uhm. I don't think Jacksonville. It's too sunny and populated for a new-vamp Bella. She'd go crazy!

Maybe Denali?
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Post by Italia »

i think they would go away go vacation then Bella and Edward would a "die" somewhere because if they were going to do it she couldn't come back. thats why i kind of wish he wouldn't change her because it would hurt Charlie so much.
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Post by TheSinger »

I would like to think Edward would want to change Bella in a romantic location, but, considering how much pain she will be in, I doubt it would matter. She would appreciate it right up until she began to change and then she probably would want to be in a place that offered her the most comfort possible. After all, she would be experiencing the worst (physical) pain she has ever, or will ever know.
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