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Post by vampiregrrrl110 »

Well, Happy April Fool's!

Um. Boo!


Wow, I'm lame. BUT, then again, I don't actually feel very funny-making. Someon has gotten me VERY peeved, and I'm going to give him a piece of my mind! I soooo don't care is he's older than me, I don't care if he tells my mother, he's going to hear some WORDS from me!

I wish he'd go die in a hole.

Florida Anyone? Summertime! No for me, of course, but that's a different story.

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Post by Alphie »

I love that you all just assume we are going to pull something tomorrow. Maybe the prank is that there wan't be a prank.


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Post by dandelion »

It's April 1st for me already. No pranks so far...
Stupid time difference.
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Post by SleepingBeauty »

Can't wait to see if you guys are going to do something. But I'm going to laugh so hard if you don't do anything because everybody has been waiting :lol:

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Post by Cocoa »

I wish we had planned something. We had no idea that you guys would be in such anticipation! :cry:

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Post by Spakles.In.The.Sunlight »

i dont get it
i wasnt here last time...
what did you guys do???

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Post by zerolover34 »

i really hope you guys do something tomarrow

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Post by KaseyHeartEdward »

Wow Coco and Alphie

you guys are really going to be waving that little ball of hope in front of us aren't you. Shake the little ball at us and then ripping it back and confusing us lol. It is a good thing we love you so much lol. Ahhh i cant wait till tomarrow i hope you guys do somthing cause it is the only Aprils day fun i will chances are get lol. Well good luck tomarrow if you guys do something

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Post by Lizzie »

What a tease.... whatateasewhatateasewhatatease.....

Now I'm all confuzzled!Image Will there be a prank? Will there NOT be a prank? Or like Alphie said, maybe the prank is that we think they'll be a prank and we prank ourselves in anticipation of a prank and the prank is that there IS no prank, so we kind of ARE the prank...? But the prank was planned all along...?Image

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Post by CullenWannaB »

I joined to late to see what happened last year but iIam thinking tomorrow will be fun. Right?
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