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Post by Alphie »

Thanks so much everyone for playing along with us. I hope you all had a good time. Stick with us as we reset things and try to get things back to normal.

If you're REALLY quick, you can temporarily see the original red leaves! LOL!

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Post by Marcy »

Thanks so much Alphie *and Pel and all the mods*

Today was a BLAST! But I got NOTHING done around the house.

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Post by emmajeanjumpingbean »

thank you guys so much! it was amazing! you're deffinately the best mods ever! so hillarious! it was brilliant! thank you for the best april fools EVER!
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Post by alanna the knightess »

This was so much fun. And I'm watching for the original layout!
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Post by Bellen »

Yes, it was fun! But the paper that I was supposed to get done... didn't get done. Loved it! So how are you going to top this next year???

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Post by In Love With Forever »

Thanks for a fun time ya'll. The Lexicon was great when it was over-run with strangeness and human Forkians, but I think ya'll picked a great time to put it back to normal. :) Now, when are you going to announce who was each character?

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Post by Mayde »

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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Post by Fae-Fae »

Thank you so much!
Today was the best April Fools day I've ever had in my short life. You guys are incredible. :D

...But I can't help missing The Real Jacob Black/Bella Swan/Edward Cullen. ;[

Edit: I noticed the (locked) section devoted to April Fools 2007. What a great way to preserve our memory of this wonderful occasion.
Again; you guys are the best. <3
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Post by teak »

That was a blast to read!!!! Thank you so much for all the creative fun!!!

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Post by SunKist »

That was the COOLEST thing EVER

Now I understand why you wanted those avies so fast...
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