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Who would you rather read your mind?

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Post by Shuntiana »

I'd say Aro, he just has to touch you in order to get your thoughts, and no one ever said he had to :)

And just because I think a lot I'd rather not have anyone in my head.
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Post by deb0lah x EC »

That is very true, but I'd still rather Edward only had what was passing through my head then have Aro like bump into me or something and hear everything I had ever thought about anything.

Plus I just love Edward.

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Post by Skumring »

I would prefer that Aro read my mind. I'm kind of obliged to say that, as a hardcore Volturi fan. And I'm pretty sure that none of mine very human and ordinary thoughts would be of interest for him.

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Post by em's_twilight »

If Edward ever read my mind, especially when he is near i am bound to think something... ahem... embarrasing. I mean its Edward, i still daydream about him in class. Actually yesterday i was so deep in though about Edward one of my friends turned to me and told me to snap out of it that my mouth was pouting open and i was staireing into space. Yeah i was kind of emabarrased :oops: even if she didnt know what i was thinking. If Edward knew what i was thinking that would be whole different level of embarrasment it would need a new word.

Although it would be hilarious to see Edward make a face every time he passed me. To see weather he liked it or not :shock: 8) I know he would never approach me and try to make thoes day dreams come true, he's to much a of a gentlemen for that! *whispers* but i wish he would :shock: :oops:

I would make Edward talk to me through my thoughts somehow :twisted:
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Post by hello ali 91 »

its probably better for someone to know your 'off the top' thoughts rather than your life long thought process of EVERYTHING youve ever imagined.

atleast 'edward mindreading' is a little less creepier
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Post by scelestus fortuna »

I'd rather have Edward read mine. he's only reading what you're thinking at the moment, and he most likely won't use them against you.

Aro... gosh, no way, I'd be waay too creepy to have every thought you've ever had read.

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Post by Wolbachia »

Edward, definitely. Aro reading every thought I've ever had...that would just be too embarrassing. o_o

Unless I'm actually concentrating on something, random thoughts that can go on for a long time will enter my brain on their own (which would just confuse Edward, I'm sure), so even though those are somewhat embarrassing (because they are extremely weird), I'd rather have Edward see those - or whatever I was purposefully thinking about - than Aro see all my thoughts.
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Post by UR2BAperson »

Aro, undoubtedly. My previous thoughts mean basically nothing to me. A person who can read my thoughts within the time space that actually still exists is far more intimidating.

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Post by darktimesharry77 »

I'd rather Edward read my mind. It would probally be easier to block him out.
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Post by StupidxLamb »

Definitely Aro. I have had some TERRIBLE thoughts, but he can't use those against me. If he knew what I was thinking that exact minute, he could use those thoughts to his advantage.

I wouldn't want someone as close to me as Edward would be (I'm putting myself in Bella's position, bear with me lol) to know everything. Did you ever hear the saying that it's easier to open up to a stranger than someone close to you? Well, yeah.
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