Who would you rather...

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Who would you rather read your mind?

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Who would you rather...

Post by Only_Hope »

read your mind?
Would you rather Edward reading your only current thoughts
Aro who has to touch you to read all your previous thoughts?

I'd rather Edward, because it's easy to block your thoughts -but Aro reading EVERY thought I've ever had.. no way.

Sorry if this has been asked.. I didn't see it anywhere
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Post by Marcy »

Definately Edward. Even if he would be appalled by my thoughts, Aro just plain creeps me out!
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Post by firefly »

I find Aro to be really creepy too. Sort of Niska-like or maybe The Master.

It would have to be Edward. I'm not sure that he would find anything other than Dean Winchester or Mal Reynolds in my brain at the moment, not that I would want him in my brain to begin with.

I rather like my thoughts and memories being my own.
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Post by XxKatiexX »

I think Edward would be better ... but honestly i don't want anyone to read my mind. I'd rather read Edwards mind, that would be more interesting

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Post by LiaChastity »

Edward all the way!
Aro no no no! :evil: Why does he have to know everything?
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Post by Cinderella85 »

Edward of course.
Aro totally freaks me out.

He'd read my mind and be all:

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Post by Bellacullen11 »

Edward. Not just because he can only read your current thought but Aro has to touch and the way Bella describes his skin... *shudders*
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Go Edward!
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Post by Ullii »

I don't know, Aro's kind of hot if you don't think about the mass-murdering part. :wink: He could read my mind if he wanted to. It's what he would do after that that worries me.

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Post by xxTopaz_heartxx »

Edward, because Aro is kind of sketchy.

And, Aro would know every single one of my thoughts, and that would creep me out.
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Post by darkfairy13 »

i dont know if i would like someone to read my mind
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