If Vamps. smell sweet Werewolves smell like what?

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Post by kvampireloverr »

cinnamon well i think so
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jacob smell

Post by spiker21 »

well in the third book when bella comes home from sneaing out with jacob and she comes home to an angry edward... edward tells her that she smells like dog so i am saying its dog/wet dog..
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Post by SparklingVampiress »

I think they would smell musky,woodsy, outdoorsy. Like pine trees and lake mist. but like a clean lake and not like dead fish or brine shrimp!! with other natural scents and spices! They would smell like all thing nature and naturally good smelling. oh oh and also like fire, well sort of. really more like roasted marshmallows than the actual fire but with the smokey flavor!! Thats my 2 cents!!
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Post by j-triniwolfman506 »

i think that werewolves smell like old meat to vampires....maybe

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I think it actually does say in the book. It says it smells earthy and woodsy to Bella, but to Edward and the other vamps, it is a magnification because of their highly advanced noses, it probably smells like wet dog to an extent.

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Post by emmett_<3 »

emmett_<3 wrote:It's on page 492 in Eclipse (towards the bottom) she describes it as Woodsy and Musky and it fits the setting of the forest.
^^^ Listen to me!! lol
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i think that werewolves smell like earth. it makes sense to me. vampires smell very perfumey. werewolves smell kind of like dirt and grass.
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Re: If Vamps. smell sweet Werewolves smell like what?

Post by sarahbells »

sorcery_of_the_heart wrote:I don't THINK this has been asked anywhere else but, I was wondering if any one knew what werewolves smelt like because it wasn't mentioned in the book. The vampires smell sickly sweet to the werewolves so what makes the the werewolves stink to the vampires, wet dog?[/url]

i would imagen they have a pinnie smell, like trees or the woods. i think that is said somewhere in new moon or eclipse. it think it was eclipse if i am not mistaken. if not then i am sorry but that is what i think werewolfs would smell like
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Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »

emmett_<3 wrote:It's on page 492 in Eclipse (towards the bottom) she describes it as Woodsy and Musky and it fits the setting of the forest.
Everyone listen to emmett_<3!!! Lol. That's how it would be for humans, anyways. I kind of agree with the dogs smell, for vampires, though. Althouht if I was a vampire, I'd still think Jake would smell good, like cedar or something... mmm...
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Post by Chessa »

you know the smell when your burning a camp fire?
not the smoke, but the smell behind the smoke.
its kind of earthy and woodsey and musky all at the same time...
its natural.
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