If Vamps. smell sweet Werewolves smell like what?

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If Vamps. smell sweet Werewolves smell like what?

Post by sorcery_of_the_heart »

I don't THINK this has been asked anywhere else but, I was wondering if any one knew what werewolves smelt like because it wasn't mentioned in the book. The vampires smell sickly sweet to the werewolves so what makes the the werewolves stink to the vampires, wet dog?[/url]
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Post by Marcy »

Hmm. maybe like a ribeye :?
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Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Well, Jacob said that Alice smelled icey and sickly sweet to him, so werewolves must smell... hotish and murky and sweaty... I dunno! :D

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Post by Tennyo »

Two Words:

Wet. Fur.

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Post by Natalie »

I think they would smell woodsy and like the outdoors.



Post by vampires_4_ever_1104 »

Or wet dog! :D

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Post by BelleBleu26 »

vampires_4_ever_1104 wrote:Or wet dog! :D

HAHAHA Ew...I hope not. Wet doggies smell icky! :?
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Post by SennaWalse »

They Probably smell of concentrated patchouli
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Post by abcdEmma »

hahah wet dog! I hope not! Poor smelly Jacob...

I like what Natalie said. Woodsy and outdoorsy is what I think too. Or more like I HOPE that's what they smell like.

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Post by Be My Escape »

I think they would smell earthy if that makes sense. I think it is because I relate them to nature and their origin story plus they are always in the woods and running along the beach. So I am going with Earthy. And I am really hoping it's not wet dog! :(

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