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M.D. Jackson
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Post by M.D. Jackson »

It's so good I found this thread. Off of the book for a da and I'm going through withdrawls. I feel bad, as I am late to the party, and can only imagine what you all are going through, having been fans much, MUCH longer.

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Re: Which car?

Post by glowinthedark »

Shoppingw/Alice wrote:The Ashton-Martin of course. But I think Rosalie's car is very close second.

How would it be....
ohh, good point...but Rosalie's car is still in second for me too

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Post by vampirewannabe »

I'm going to go with Bella's truck. ya, I know it is a piece of junk and is slow, but still there is something about it...

The Aston-Martin comes in second. But only because it is prettier than the Volvo and belongs to Edward
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Post by Canzone e bella »

Oh.. the Aston-Martin without a doubt!!! That car gives me an aerobic heartrate whenever I see it! *toes starting to curl* I nearly cried watching the latest James Bond, Casino Royale, when he wrecks his Aston-Martin! Unfortunately, none of the Cullen cars will handle my family of five... I'd be safer with the Newton Family's Suburban!

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Post by Klutzy_albino »

My favorite Cullen car is Edwards volvo. I would give my right arm for one.....i are nice. :D

I do like the 911 turbo though, and i guaruntee that Jasper's newly aquired motorcycle would definatly be high on the list if I got to see it in action.
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Post by kelsey_rae »

so this is for people who are on twilight series withdrawls?
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Post by Abigail »

Yep. :D So, that pretty much includes everyone on the Lexicon, as far as I know... (But, I could be wrong.)

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Post by StupidxLamb »

Ahh, I love Twilight so much. I need to read Eclipse. I'm going to try to borrow it from my friend tomorrow, but I won't be able to get it before the 4th! :cry:
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Post by selinamb »

I can't believe the effect this series has had on me. I bought, read, and finished all three books in four days. Eclipse took me quite literally seven hours to complete and that is only because I had to run some errands for my mother.

I wanted to slow down... because I knew that Breaking Dawn wouldnt be out until next year.
I wanted to slow down because I knew I would be left <b>hungry</b> and unsatisfied when I finished.
I wanted to slow down because I knew I would spiral into some half-crazed obsession of a fantasy world where Edward would linger in the back of my mind.

Sadly, I did not slow down. In fact, i sped up... and now, I am hungry, unsatisfied, and half-crazed (perhaps in denial about full-blown craziness?).

I am such a loser....

...sad, isn't it?

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Post by Awakening »

ughh i want to join!!
Lol im way to addicted to these books guys... and i dont even know why im SO addicted. Its a wonderful story, wonderful book etc..i know its fiction..but i just can't stop!
Like I work in a library right? So i should be able to just pick up a new book and be happy, but no...the pile of books i was supposed to read are getting returned tomorrow because i can't read any other books right now. like i start reading a different book and im like thinking "bella, edward, jacob, billy, charlie, alice." and bam i close the book and am like PSH THATS not even interesting ><
Okay yeah, so now im just venting, im sorry. But its true /sigh
Ya so i can't read any other just re-reading these books again i need the fourth one i dont know how i can wait >< It reminds me of having to wait for the new Gilmore Girls season! It just feels WAY too long (By the way please don't tell me what happens on the last season of gilmore girls or i will have to inflict wounds..)
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