Should Bella be a Vampire?

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Well. I think that Bella will definatly become a vampire by the end of the books, at least. Is it possible that Bella's 'special vampire power' (as I like to call it) may be her ability to hold onto humanity. For some reason, that's what I've always imagined. Also, how horrible would it be if Bella died and Edward continued to live!!! :cry: I saw someone say that Edward might be turned human, but I don't think thats possible. Also, that seems like an easy was out, almost a cop-out because I've always had the feeling that Edward WANTS to be human, in some small part of him brain. I don't know. But I'm hoping that Bella is a vampire by the end out New Moon.
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I most definitely think Bella should be sired!

We all know Stephenie is a great author. I want to see how she will portray the siring.

Plus, I really want to read how exactly it will be done, and what Edward and Bella's emotions are. :D
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I don't see how she could not be changed, if she's to stay with Edward. It'd be a mite difficult to explain to her parents, 15 years down the road, why Edward still looks 17. . . :shock:
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I'm not really sure if I'd like to see Bella as a vampire.
I understand that if she wants to be with Edward forever, she really should become a vampire.
But if you really think about it, if she gets changed, it could mean the end of the series...
...and the complete beginning of a new one.
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