Should Bella be a Vampire?

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Even though I firmly believe that Bella will be a vampire in the end, I would much prefer her to stay a human. I don't know what it is, but a big part of romance for me is when two people love and accept each other as they are. I find that humanity is one of the major aspects of Bella's character (Plotbunny alert: Maybe that's her "special power"?) and that changing it would undermine who she is.

On the other hand, Bella dying while Edward goes on living is NOT flying for me! My ideal ending would be for Edward to somehow become human. Although he would be different, I can see Edward welcoming humanity whereas Bella would just be changing for Edward's sake. It's soooo unlikely though; I'm betting against Alice :wink: .
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Post by y3nd0 »

i really do think that she should be a vampire. =] she gets to stay with edward forever (well... untill... one of them... you get what i mean). although it would mean that she would have to leave charlie and renee... but, EDWARD. =P
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Post by aKissAtTwilight »

i really think that bella should be turned into a vampire. i mean yea she does "lose her humanity", but she gets to be with edward forever! thats what really needs to happen.

and dont you think that it would be almost unbarably for edward to have to see his one true love get old and die right in front of him! no one should have to go through that. and he wouldnt even be aging a day. just her. so she needs to be turned.

or if its possible for edward to become human that would be a whole lot more romantic.

and this is a stupid question...but where can u see the covers for the new book?? is there a place where i could check it out??
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Post by aria0vdawn »

I feel that Bella will be changed into a vampire by the 3rd book, Eclipse. I doubt Miss Meyer would leave the story hanging in that way. Bella and Edward are meant to be together. It would be heartbreaking for Edward to watch as Bella grows old and dies.
Then there is the fact that Alice saw a future, in which Bella is a Vampire. I think the reason she sees this is because of Bella's determination to be with Edward even if it means giving up her humanity. Bella has already made the decision that she will willingly become a vampire. However, I have doubts as to whether or not it will be Edward who will turn her. Edward is set against Bella's crossing into a Vampire. If Edward is the one that will turn her then wouldn't his decision to try and preserve her humanity override Bella's decision to become a Vampire, in terms of Alice's visions that is? Alice can only see the future based on a person's momentary decision. If her current vision is against Edward's current decision then perhaps it means that (well I think it means that) Bella will get herself into trouble trying to become a vampire and this time Edward won't be able to get rid of the venom in time. That's how I feel the plots of one of the two future books will be like.
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aKissAtTwilight wrote:and this is a stupid question...but where can u see the covers for the new book?? is there a place where i could check it out??

You can't actually see the real new covers to the sequels anywhere, but on Stephenie Meyer's website under 'Other Novels' go to 'Craptasic Covers' it has the covers she has drawn for her other books (including the sequels). :D
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Bloodrose wrote:I would love to see bella as a vampire ,to see how it feels for her to turn and if she thinks it has been complete worth it (which i think it would be ) but also because then we would get to see the world of forks threw the eyes of a vampire ,the new senses that would be final put to paper for us to read.

I'd kind of like that to but we're going to read the world through Edward's eyes when Ms. Meyer puts it on her website or publishes it. :D
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Post by PinkPixie »

Yes, I think she should but not until the end of Book Two. Edward can't lose her, and if she doesn't change her I write a fanfiction for it. This is saying alot, i haven't wrote FF in two years i told my self i wouldn't until a worthy cause came up. if you wnat to read any mof my stuff i'm on Dragon10, and i'm not trying to sell my self so please don't yell at me.
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Post by ~Vielka~ »

Bella as a vampire...I think it has to come just has to!!!!

How will Edward survive if she isnt' with him? I don't think there is any other way around it, plus she WANTS to be with him, and this is the only way they can really ever be together.

I think she will be turned at the end of New Moon, and we have the 3rd book to go through all the changes with her.

Alice saw it...Edward is just trying to win over fate, but I am sure it will happen sooner or later.

And sure, it was Bella's humanity that called Edward, besides her blood of course...but he LOVES her, who she is...not just the fact that her heart beats...well that is what I think anyway! :roll:
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Post by ArdaSilverlace »

I think it's unavoidable that Bella will end up as a vampire - I mean, she's surrounded by them! It was just a near-miss in Twilight. However, I don't think Edward will be doing the changing. He loves Bella! But he doesn't want to commit her to a half-life, like he'd said. I mean, it must get kind of boring being a vampire, if you can't sleep or eat varied food or even dream! Edward is too stubborn and won't change Bella if he has a choice.
So I think Bella will be a vampire due to a terrible accident/attack or she makes someone else change her and then goes in hiding somewhere to prevent anyone else from knowing until she's completely changed.
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If Bella wants to be a vamp that is her choice. She knows the outcomes and she fully excepts it. I understand why Edward doesn't want to make her into a 'monster' but she has the right to choose. He should just except she wants to spend an eternity with him. I know forever is an affually long time but, at least she should be with him happiliy (hoefully) Anyway the point i want to make is they should get together.
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