do vampire's brush their teeth?

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Do you think Vampires brush their teeth?

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Post by MoonStarWithWings »

Bella_S_Black wrote:I think they do, just in case they are all bloody (ew)
that would lead to some awkward questions from humans if they went around with red blood stained teeth
If they shower, which they do, they brush their teeth. For those ^^ reasons.
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Post by Unchallenged »

what about ironing and washing clothes?
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vampire teeth

Post by kasmooski »

I was thinking the venom would clean them naturally.
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

yeah, I think they do wash their clothes and iron them, as they would probably get dirty when hunting. It wouldn't take them long though!!
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Post by CanadianAlice »

It's a tricky one, I'd like to think that they do brush their teeth, even if the venom does wash away the blood I really don't like it when people don't brush their teeth! Sorry I have a thing about teeth in general!
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Post by Rubester »

i like to think as well that they brush their teeth because i don't want to smell like rotting blood
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Post by faerie_kitten »

i would say yes cos biting thru the skin of animals has got to leave bits behind sometimes (eeeewwww) and i dont think there would be anything worse than a vampire with bits in their teeth lol
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Post by ~wolfgirlslikeithot~ »

If they didn't brush their teeth, but they don't go huntimg. And then they bite someone/thing, is their venom more potent because its more on their teeth?

Just wondering..... :)
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Post by Aros_girl »

I think they do. But then again they might not. Their teeth are razor sharp, or sharper, so it might cut the tooth brush in half. I can see one of the Cullens brushing their teeth and the pull the toothbrush out and it is split in two.
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Post by horea33 »

I dont think so because vampires are...physically...PERFEct...they're breath always smells good...and I dont think using colgate or arm and hammer would do them justice...and...they don't eat...jjust drink're teath never get I guess...why bother brushing you're teath...and imagine if they bite someone and it has a minty fresh sent...weird lol
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