Would you rather be on a island with Harry Potter or Edward

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Would you rather be on a desserted island wuth Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
Total votes: 959

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Post by emilycullenx »

Definitely Edward. :D
Don't get my wrong, I love my Harry Potter,
but Edward is just so...

See, with Edward, you wouldn't really feel stranded at all.
More like, on a "vacation" with Edward.
On an island.
With no one else, but him.
And me.
Ah, what a dream, right? :D
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Post by Devious Cullen »

No worries.

They could both potentially get you off the island and save you from a life of no showers, coconuts and Wilson volley balls as companions... Harry with apparation, and Edward would swim if he had to. SO. My answer would be, home, with either one of them. :D
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Post by Cillexd »

Lol, funny question actually. Hehe, though many people compare Twilight to Harry Potter, which I think is impossible. They're both sci-fi's and fantasy, but in two very different aspects. I mean, the love part is really lacking in Harry Potter XD And the high suspense (I think) is lacking in Twilight. So yeah. Anywayssss...

If you asked me 3 months ago, about who I'd rather be with, I would have been like: Who the flip is Edward Cullen, so yeah. Of course smhexxii Harry, but now I'd say Edward Cullen.

I mean, on a deserted island, with Mr. Potter = BORING! He'd just make a flip with his wand, and then we were back from the deserted island. With Edward (*drool*) we would be like making out or something, which is so much funnier! Or, I could look at a more gorgeous man than Harry. Lol XD

So, conclusion - EDWARD *HOT* CULLEN!

Gezzzz. Sorry for the long post XD
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Re: Woo hoo!!

Post by ViolettaCullen »

I totaly agree with you Edward and I in a desert island.
He would be the first father/vampire in the history of vampires. :twisted:
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Test 1,2,3...

Post by JHartnow »

Trying out my new graphics. Oh, and I love how we're voting between Harry and Edward! Not like we're biased or anything! :lol:
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Re: Test 1,2,3...

Post by Alice_at_Heart »

JHartnow wrote: Oh, and I love how we're voting between Harry and Edward! Not like we're biased or anything! :lol:
Yes. We are totally biased. But...I would pick Potter:

a) I'm actually a massive HP fan. I may even like it better than Twilight. I haven't decided yet.

b) What's all this about Harry getting us OFF the island? Have Harry bring Edward TO the island! Yes, now I get both!

c) With Potter, you can get both. Edward, not so much. Plus, Potter gets you off the island eventually.

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Post by MelissaxCullen »

I pick Edward.
He could swim you off the island because vampires have the advantage in water. You could just climb on his back.
And because I think he is insanely hot. :D
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Re: Woo hoo!!

Post by mlola619 »

kakadu_mittens wrote:Yay! I think I'm the first person to post on this..... :twisted:

OMG so totally Edward Cullen. I mean, what would you prefer? A beautiful, loving, perfect, interesting, sexy vampire, or a boy with a scar and a bad haircut. Seriously. It's THAT easy.

:twisted: Edward + Deserted Island here I COME!!!
i totally second that!!!
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Post by vampiregirlsince1918 »

Edward definatly! He is so perfect. I want him all to myself. :lol: Plus like people said he could swim us off the island whenever we want. Or even better he could turn me into a vampire first then we could both swim off the island! :D
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Is there really even a question?

Post by Marissa06 »

Edward, 100% all the way! Not that Harry isn't a great guy but Edward is gorgeous and intelligent and would just be a much better companion! It would be like heaven to be trapped on a desert island with Edward, all that alone time and nothing to do... :D
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