Would you rather be on a island with Harry Potter or Edward

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Would you rather be on a desserted island wuth Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
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Post by ianwardistheperfectcombo »

um, EDWARD!! Harry would be so awkward...i mean, you couldn't TALK to him! have you ever noticed how he acts around girls in the books?!? NO COHERENT SENTENCES, LIKE EVER! EXCEPT FOR HERMIONE!!! serioulsy, not just with Cho, with pretty much every girl...edward could enlighten me with amazing stories of his past, and i could blame the drooling on food deprivation! and edward could sniff out food, too! harry can't magic food to the island, because food cannot be magicked places, if I am correct..and i dont think harry knows side-along apparition (not sure...dont hold me to that), so maybe he could get HIMSELF away, but not me! and whats the fun of being stuck on a deserted island by yourself? right, there iss no fun. im such a twilight/harry potter freak...tehe i luvve it
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Post by tinuviel2006 »

Edward, absolutely!! What more can I say, that hasn't been said before - he's just too perfect!
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Post by Once upon a time... »


Ahem. *composes self*

Everytime I think of Harry Potter, I think of Daniel Radcliffe *cringes* No. Even if he has magic on his side, Edward is a billion times sexier. And better company. I don't care if after a few days he turns on me because of bloodlust :shock:
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Post by j_egosum »

Nothing against Harry, but I prefer Edward, completely! He's more...more...gentleman, sweet, careful and he is sexyer than Harry Potter...I wouldn't was thinking about my blood...Edward probable would dazzle me...his power is very strong, I think...[laughs]

So, about the magic...I like it so much, but I prefer the good and perfect vampires...
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Post by chila44 »

This is actually harder than I thought. I like Edward for obvious reasons, of course...but there is something about Harry. Apart from him being a wizard, he's human and could die anytime, and yet he's always been so brave! He like Edward would die for you, except it is easier for Edward to say that since it is next to impossible to kill him. I like the human faults that Harry has and if we were deserted he could apparate and then apparate back with his broom and other provisions and whisk me off into the sunset!

After that long winded explanation, I still haven't made my choice. Heck, why not both! :wink:
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Post by futuremrscullen »

This was a hard question. But I'd have to go with Edward. He's just... Edward! Perfection.
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Post by Nerwen »

lol. Edward, of course :mrgreen: No comparison!
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Post by rescue the wolves »

I kind of want to be stuck on an island with harry... if it was with edward, he would just keep saying that it was too hard too get so close, and then you would be bored on a deserted island. harry would at least wave his wand and get you back to the rest of civilization so you could shopping with alice while edward works on self-control.
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Post by bells888 »

Harry Potter may be able to cast some spell to get you off the island, and I know that I've had a big crush on Harry Potter for a long time. But come on. It's Edward Cullen. He could love you. And could keep you safe on the island and love you. And if not that then he could swim off the island to get someone to come save you. Or take you with him to safety. Think about it. Edward Cullen or Harry Potter? It's common sense.
Then again you could be stuck on the island with Harry Potter and have him cast a spell for Edward Cullen to be on the island too. :]
What a good idea. :]
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Post by crepusculo16 »

EDWARD! Of course Harry Potter is pretty cool and has a wand and stuff but will he love you and cherish you. No! Edward would protect you and bend over backwards to make you happy. Harry Potter was never very good with romance. Too involved in Quidditch and defeating Lord Voldemort. :D

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