Would you rather be on a island with Harry Potter or Edward

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Would you rather be on a desserted island wuth Harry Potter or Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen
Harry Potter
Total votes: 959

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Post by sunandair »

Neither: Ron Weasley.

Or Jacob.

Both? lol
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Post by Rubester »

couldn't edward swim me off the island? :D
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Post by moetastic »

edward cause he would sparkle an we wouldnt get our but kicked in a dramatic escape
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Post by VictorianVampire »

I voted Edward Cullen because then I'd find a way for him to make me a vampire. Mwahahahahaahaha. :3

But then I changed my mind......
I'd rather be with Harry Potter because Harry Potter could summon Edward Cullen......possibly... and we can have a gigantic party! :D :D :D With cupcakes and icecream cake! mmmm.........^^ Oh except Edward wouldn't be able to join me and Harry who will be devouring all the food.... then we'll jokingly make fun of him. ^_^ HEhehe........
Lol...I'm sure he'll appreciate this. --->
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