I got my mom to read it!

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Post by xoxocamille »

If only I got my mom to read it, it'd be a miracle.

Yesterday we were at Costco and I brought Twilight with me inside so I could read, then I asked her to hold it for me very carefully so it wouldn't get all ruined. She then goes, 'You're insane, Camille. It's just a book.' Haha, I wanted to say something back, but I couldn't. Guess she'll never understand this obsession that I have over these books.
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Post by Dea »

I told my Mom that Twilight was so awesome an that she must read it, cause if not she would miss something very beautiful. That was six months ago, when she startet...
And now she hasn't finished chapter one yet :shock:

She says its too childish for her...so i took one of her books to see what kind of books she likes and they are boring -.- Ken Follet is what she likes -.-

I took my book back, cause i didn't want it to lie around...

I find it kind of stupid...it would be cool to talk with her about twiligth!

Just my 2 cents ^^
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Post by Bella_S_Black »

My mum read twilight!
and most of new moon
she says they're good :)
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Post by jaspersfanpire »

my mom used to make fun of me for loving a book about vampires. i made her read it, and it turns out that she liked it also. she even wanted to read new moon and eclipse afterwards. she's not nearly as obsessed as I am, she can't even remember all the characters names :shock: she mixed up sam and billy :x she just started reading the host today
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Post by Lawane »

Yay, update for me! I begged and begged my mum to read Twilight and at last she started reading it. She has read the first chapter and to the part where Edward starts talking to Bella the first time. *sneaks* I asked her opinion after she read the first chapter, she said that "Well, it's a good book, but it hasn't taken me to any new levels or anything." I was just like OK, go on reading! Heehee.
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Post by Minireb123 »

Yay! I finally succeeded! My mom has read Twilight!

She isn't as addicted as I am but she does like the series =]

She's reading New Moon right now =/
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Post by FireAndIce<3 »

It's kind of the other way around for me, my mum wants to read it, but I don't really want her to. I go on about it so much, she finally asked one day if she could read it. One of my friends had my copy at that point (and still does :evil: ) so I used that as an excuse.
Me and my mum don't have a really good relationship, and I wouldn't be comfortable with her knowing that i'm reading about two people in an intimite relationship, and possible physical :lol:
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Post by deedeedork »

Yeah! Got my mom to read it! Major accomplishment, because, you know, she not one for vampires. *sigh* But she "liked them"

She's not obsessed though. Haha she said "I can understand why you like them! Theyre interesting. And Edward is the fantasy man we all wish for..." She laughed and pretended to drool. Yeah. She's married. Haha I love my mom.
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Post by haaleey »

<center> Yeah, I forced it on my mom too
<center> I borrowed it from my school library and brought it home for her
<center> She managed to polish it off in about 2 hours
<center> And was already bugging me for the next one

<center> I also made her pick Team Edward or Team Jacob
<center> tee-hee
<center> xD
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Post by true_twilighter »

after about a year of obsessing by me my mom was curious and asked to read the books, of course i said yes. naturally she loved them and now we actually have something to talk about, the books have brought us closer together and im thankful for it.
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