I got my mom to read it!

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Post by robert_clearwater »

my mom has read the series and is just as excited for book4 as i am
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Post by m9organ »

I made my mom read Twilight and it was the worst decision of my life! I'm happy that she loved the books but now I barely get to read them because she always steals MY Twilight books out of my bookshelf! It's just not fair! I read about Edward first!!
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Post by Jasmine_404 »

i remember me and my moms conversation about the book. So I was sitting at the dining room table [that we dont use :roll: ]
and my moms was watching me read it and she was like "dont get any "ideas" from that book. [now when my mom says "ideas" she usally means nothing stupid or dangerous. She probably thought it was all blood and gore. Well it is blood but
you all know in what way. So i told her "theres nothing bad about about the book you should read it" Then she tells me she not into those kind of books. And it was the end of it. But Im kind of glad she didnt want to read it because i dont know about ya'll but i dont want my moms interrupting me, usally while im reading, talking about the characters like Edward or Charlie and what she thinks of Charisle. I mean i want something that my mom doesnt know about, well she know i have them but she dosent know whats inside them.

So thats my paragraph about the me/mom convo. about Twilight
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Post by lshluvr »

Gah~! A lot of you guys are lucky. My mom would never read it. She doesn't like romance books that much and would much rather read one of those self-help books -_-;;
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Post by josierose »

I got my mum to read it.
It annoyed my brother; my mum was reading the books pretty much non stop.
Now we just have to decide who will get to read BD first :lol:
I got my friend to read it too. She texted me saying that it was 'annoyingly brilliant' :D
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Post by CamberXite »

My mums in the process of reading it, shes taking her time lol. I know she doesn't want to read it, but she doesn't have much of a choice. :evil:
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Post by Bella~Marie »

Cullen4Ever wrote:
Bella~Marie wrote:My mom hates reading. She refuses to take me to the library and won't go to the bookstore with me.

Besides, I don't think I would want her to read it. She would say I'm evil because it's a vampire book (whenever we fight she says I'm evil because I read witch books like harry potter :roll: ) , she would freak out when she saw a swear word (By now you are probably realizing that she's overprotective and insane) , and if she read that they kissed she would be like omg! This book is wayyyyyyy to mature for you! Yeah, she's psycho.
dont worry my mom would be like that too.she would probably think they are "innapropriate".i dont know why.i am absolutely obsessed with these books!!they are my life!!lol.i am trying to get her to read the host cause than maybe if she liked it she would read twilight and i could read the host.lol.
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Post by margiewolf »

my daughter is the one who got me into reading the book...she kept telling me how much i would love it...and of course, she was right...can't wait for the movie...
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Post by TashaBear »

i've been trying to get my mom to read Twilight for a long time, and she finally gave in and started to read it last night, so hopefully she likes it
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Post by Lawane »

I've just begged and begged my mom to read Twilight, she says that she'll maybe read it when her summer vacation starts (which is the day after tomorrow!). I said that she should know what I was so excited about and so on. I didn't really get a straight answer from her, but we'll see!
She probably thinks it's one of those teenage romance books but I told her that people all ages love it and there's even a site for Twilight moms. :D

EDIT: I think she'd probably think that especially the meadow scene with Edward's bare chest and stuff (*faints*) would be inappropriate for me. XD OMG, I would die if she took my Twiligth books away from me. *is horrified at the idea*
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