I got my mom to read it!

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Post by dazzle_me_edward »

my mom really liked it.
when i first read it, i was on a school trip in america and we were emailing each other back and forth, and i made her pick it up from the library to read it too. and then our emails were all about the book + the characters and who we'd cast for them and stuff ^^
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Post by EmilyLoizeauIs Amazing »

I tried to get my mom to read it, but she's not into books in general. She might read, though. She's kind of curious because I have the paper-back version of Twilight, and, well, it's not holding up so good... I got 2 of my friends to read it though. They're both totally hooked.
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Post by lalaith913 »

I got my mom to read it!

That is a feat, lemme tell you. :lol:

My mom hates this type of book. I didn't really tell her what it was about, and she was like, "You're really obsessed with that weird book." She wasn't entirely thrilled, I think. My mom likes the James Patterson whatnot (as do I!) and when she finished one of those and was looking for something to read. I said, "Mom, don't ask me for a book because you know what I'll hand you." She sighed and agreed. "It's even large-type, Mom. It'll go by fast," I said.

She's in the process of reading and likes it. She's right at the meadow!

Though, out of all the people I know who read it, she had the best reaction to Edward.

"I'm at the part where Bella just met that weird kid. What's his name? Edward. You know, there's something not right about him." :lol:
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Post by I_Run_With_The_Vampires »

OME!!! How are you getting your mom to read it??? Mine refuses to even try it!!! I am getting soooooo frustrated! I got my grandpa to read it but not my mom! How is that POSSIBLE?? Help!
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Post by malteselover »

Yeah, I'm proud to say that I turned my mom into a Twilighter. After I myself had finished the books, I started talking about them ceaselessly, so my mom decided to give it a try. She was okay with Twilight, and then she finished New Moon in one day. After that, she zoomed right throughEclispe. It's great having a mum that reads Twilight, because we always have something to talk about (i.e Edward! Edward!)
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Post by tinuviel2006 »

I got my mom to read it too, and now she's addicted!! She even begged me to show her interviews with Kristen & Robert...hhaah!! She's a real Twi-hard!!
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Post by Swing&Sway »

Same here! She just finished New Moon last night, and she burst into my room at 5am this morning and said "He does love her! I knew it!" and leaves. It was hilarious =)
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Post by Angela Cullen »

I told my mom to read it too.
This is our conversation...

"Mom, read Twilight. Its got romance. You love romance books."
"No. I hate Vampires. I don't like reading books about mythical creatures."
"Mom!!! You forget that their vampires. They are so...so...I can't explain them. There is no word good egnouth to explain them."
"Yes there is. Stupid."
"Mom!!! Jan read the books!! Jan is your friend."
"Yeah, but Jan is more of a kid than an adult."
"Angela!! For the last time. I AM NOT READING YOUR DANG BOOK!!"
"screw you."
"You're grounded!"
"I don't care as long as I have Edward."

I still have not succeded.

She is really into helping helpless people. I have a plan.
I'm going into surgery in July (ticks me off. I'm 14.), She will be like, Angela, is there anything I can do for you. I'll say, yes. You can make me happy by reading Twilight & telling me what you think of it. Ha!! It might work.
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Post by iiil0veyoux3 »

LOL well my mom was actually the one who got me to read it!
she's been telling me to read it for about a whole year and then one day she takes my laptop away and leaves the book right on my bed.
i was bored without my laptop so i decided to give the book a try and after the first chapter i couldn't put the book down.
i was officially ADDICTED.
i'm so glad she did that now :D

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Post by Nerwen »

My mum read Twilight too =) She loved it. But she didn't like NM and Eclipse. She can't stand Bella =)
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