I got my mom to read it!

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Post by EdwardsTopazEyes »

I told my mom that she should read it so she asked me what it was about. So then, of course, I went into this whole long explaination of the basic plot of Twilight and she got confused. So I think she's kind of afraid to read it now. Lol. :)
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Post by KelseyCullen »

My mom took about 10 months or so to read a (roughly) 200 page book by Martha Stewart. I'm not really positive if I have ever caught her reading anything, ever. Not much of a reader, I suppose.

But I finally made her break down and read Twilight, and within a week she is already at the end of New Moon. It's sort of a feeling of accomplishment on my part... :D
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Post by cullenfan19 »

I convinced my mom to read it and now she can't wait to see the movie and read Breaking Dawn. Though I know she loved it, I think she only read it because I never shut up about it. :wink:
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Post by I*choose*both »

Bella~Marie wrote:
I*choose*both wrote:It was cool cause I was the first one at my school to read Twilight. *small town, whatcha going to do? :P* Then I let my friend read it. SHe is possesive with her books so of course she wouldn't reccommend it to anyone. The I let another friend read it and she is very influential. Now the entire school reads Twilight. Even the girl who haven't read a book since 3rd grade.

Got my mom to read it to though! :D
I was like the 1st too. I got all of my friends to read it. Only one didn't like it
its so cool being the 1st one isn't it?? :D Even though no one really acknowledges it where I am, I always am loving it. :P
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Post by Yibbs »

I got my mom, both sisters, sister-in-law, and a few of my friends to read it...and they all LOVE the series. I've built up my own little Twilight community! haha
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Post by mushroom_ravioli »

Well, I read a lot, so I'm always recommending books to everyone. But this one, I was so excited about, people actually listened to me and read it :wink: First my brother (Yay, a guy!), then my best friend, then my mom, my friend's brother (Another guy!), and then my whole circle of friends. Now my DAD is reading it. He's not liking it as much as my mom though.
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Post by Aro'sFemaleCounterpart »

I've gotten. . . I'm not even sure how many people I've enlightened anymore. There are several people at any given shop in this town that I've coerced into reading Twilight and then became addicted. . . Let's see. I've converted most of the people at the local Walgreen's, WalMart and KMart, and I've even pestered- or rather, persuaded- one of the guys in my class into reading Twilight.

There are also lots of random people I've met on the street that I've suggested it to. This has happened. . . pretty much everywhere I travel. Washington D.C., California,. . . the list could go on.
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Post by Twilight<3 »

I didn't get any of my parents to read Twilight, however, I got my dad to read The Host. He NEVER reads big books like that but he devoured it in one week! He loved it!! :)
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Post by Cullen4Ever »

Bella~Marie wrote:My mom hates reading. She refuses to take me to the library and won't go to the bookstore with me.

Besides, I don't think I would want her to read it. She would say I'm evil because it's a vampire book (whenever we fight she says I'm evil because I read witch books like harry potter :roll: ) , she would freak out when she saw a swear word (By now you are probably realizing that she's overprotective and insane) , and if she read that they kissed she would be like omg! This book is wayyyyyyy to mature for you! Yeah, she's psycho.
dont worry my mom would be like that too.she would probably think they are "innapropriate".i dont know why.i am absolutely obsessed with these books!!they are my life!!lol.i am trying to get her to read the host cause than maybe if she liked it she would read twilight and i could read the host.lol.
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Post by twilighter1193 »

i got my mom to read the series and she finished them all in 3 days! and then she kept talking about it. i was so proud of her becaues she kept getting annoyed at me for talking about it all the time.... then she started started talking about it all the time... and then she called me and evil child for letting her read it...? how wrong is that? she said i made her waste 3 days... i think it was worth it!
but she loved it and she's ready for BD and the movie
i LOVE twilight <3;
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