I got my mom to read it!

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Post by bloodnoir »

I'm actually trying to talk my 10 year old into reading the series (I'm a yong mom, but probably still too old to be so infatuated with Edward)! I needed something to fill the void of Harry Potter and Anita Blakes vampire hunter series so I picked up twilight. I devoured the three books in 3 days! All i've done since is re read them.
I have her talked into going to the midnight party with me but she's still stuck on HP.
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Post by iloveawerewolf... »

I think I've talked my mom into reading the Twilight series and The Host but she's afraid of starting because she says "If I start reading a good book, then I'm going to stay up all night trying to finish it and I need some sleep for work!!" lol.

Also, I got my mom super excited for the movie. Yesterday her and my dad went to Indiana Jones and my first question was "Did you see the Twilight Trailer?" and she said no..then we both groaned. ((Though when I saw Indiana Jones..the trailer was before the movie..hmm NETSPEAK IS SO UNATTRACTIVE PLEASE FIX ME!)) I loveee it.
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Post by TashaBear »

My mom finished Twilight and is now reading New Moon, and i'm pretty sure she likes them, and my sister is reading twilight after I begged her to, and she is also enjoying it, so I now have someone to discuss the books/movie with YAY! :D
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Post by SageMoon »

My mom read all three, she loves them :)
She's just not obsessed like me ...she thinks I'm crazy lol

My sisters wanted to read them after I kept talking to my mom (her ignoring me because I was annoying her) about Twilight, so now my mom is letting them read them. I can't wait for them to get more into them, as they've only read the first few chapters, so I can talk to them about it when I'm not on the computer!

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Post by Twilight_Rox »

haha it was actually my mom who got me to read Twilight! I'm so glad she did.. not sure this has happened to anyone else but it seemed like my mom was reading Twilight and suddenly everyone's reading it!
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Post by Sarah&Edward »

YAY for mommies who read. I try to get my mom to read itbut she just rolls her eyes and says that kinky vampire sex novels are not for her. Methinks she doesn't understand my seriously long explainations of why human-vampire sexx is not in the book...yet.... :wink:

Anywhoo.... YAY!! The more who read, the better. We are paying for SM's kids' college!
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To the original poster, I got my mom to read the books as well. I read them all in two weeks in June. She read each book after I did because I loved "Twilight" so much. In fact, when I drove her into town to get some groceries, she and I talked about Bella and Jacob v. Bella and Edward. lol ;) I'm 26 years old. It's awesome to be able to have a Twilighter in person. :)
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