I got my mom to read it!

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I got my mom to read it!

Post by ravenwing110 »

I dunno if this goes here, but if it doesn't, go ahead and ignore it ^^;;.
Anyway, I'd been trying to get my mom to read these for the looongest time, and last week she had knee surgery, so she was home all week, so I made her read the first chapter of Twilight. I told her she didn't need to read the rest if she didn't want to :(
But then I got home from school the next day, and she was halfway through the book, and two days after that she had finished New Moon. She said it was good too ^^
I'm so excited :D

And now whenever I fall down/trip/run into something (which happens alot) she says, "You alright, Bella?" :wink:
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Post by bella swan »

yeah i keep requesting it to my mom too...she's interested...partially because im obsessed.
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Post by RealMenSparkle »

bahahha my mother just finished new moon and she liked it but bestest of all she gets all the comments i make now like "pfft i bet emmet could lift it" or "I should get Edward to run me there" haha
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Post by Tennyo »

Trying to get my mom to read it too. Then she'll see why I keep ranting about the unbalance in Bella and Edward's relationship. But she's a reader too, and she has about a hundred other books to get through first.
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Post by thecutiedisease »

That's cool ^.^ But I would NOT let my mom read it. my mom would be all weirded out and probably assume i have this major thing for edward. x_______x
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Re: I got my mom to read it!

Post by Felicia »

My mom read it a few months ago. She's into supernatural (the genre, not the show) stuff.
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Post by Aimee »

I got my mom's boyfriend to read both Twilight and New Moon. He loved both books, so now I'm working to get my mom to read them. She thinks we're insane because he and I both obsess over talking about the books. Lol.
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Post by aurinko »

I have been trying so hard to get my mom read Twilight! She says no.

"I don't time."
"You don't have to read it all at once! One page, one day!"
"Books are not good in that way."
"Well you can read more if you want!"
"I don't have time!"
"Screw you!"
"What? What did you say?"
"Nothing mom."

But my dad promised to read it one day! I know he will, I got him read "Anne of Green Gables" once!! He didn't like it :lol:
And he doesn't like supernatural stuff. So I don't know if he'll like Twilight. My little brother did!

...yes I often make them read book I like. I got little brother obsessed to Harry Potters! Yay for me! :lol:
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Post by Linny19 »

I got my Mom to read Twilight and New Moon and she loved them! She cant wait for Eclipse, haha. Im tempted to order two that way we dont fight over it when it gets here!

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Post by x she floats x »

That's actually backwards for me. My mom got me to read it.

"Mira, you really should read this book! The main character is SO much like you!"
"Great to know, mom. I've been stalked and now I'm in a book." (Those were the days before Twilight. I was very dull, sarcastic, and cruel =[)
"Mom? When is Edward comming back. I mean, I love Jacob and all, but he's just not Edward."
"For the hundreth time, Mira! Just read the book!"
(That was after I had read Twilight ;))
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