worst scenarios to get stuck in once changed into a vampire

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She did say somewhere that although hair could be CUT that it couldn't be pulled out...the follicles are granite hard. So you could shave, but not wax. Not that there'd be a point to waxing...
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alexlovemetal wrote:
blueray1 wrote:doesn't that indicate that you could cut your hair? if so than you could just shave your legs and it wont ever grow back.

Yes, indeed. You know, that would be every girl's/woman's dream.^_^

Not having to shave your legs for eternity.... :D That is a very nice thought. If only there was something that would actually make it possible to only have to shave your legs once and never have to do it again.
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I don't know if anyone mentioned this, but if someone is reallllllyyy old, like 100 years. That would sort of suck.

Uh oh, here comes the Supernatural reference: Like in Playthings, the grandma got to be a spirit with her older sister as a child, not an old lady. If it would work out that way, I'd be changed at any age.
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1/2 eaten body

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im guessing you would die before the venom spread and your other half grew back... just a guess
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A PMS-ing vampire who forgot to shave before being turned and also happens to be stuck in the middle of a blood drive.

Or you're the changer and the person you change is one of those people that won't leave you alone. Not quite stalker but they still have this insane ability pop up wherever you are, you take step back and they follow, you go to the university and they just happen to go to the same university... For eternity? I'd be paying a visit to the Volturi very soon.
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HAIRY ARM PITS. Do you think Edward, Carlisle, Jasper and Emmett have hair pits? I mean a lot of guys do...
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-If someone gives you a bad haircut.

-While you're pregnant.

-While having a mosquito bite! itching for eternity.

-Well for guys..having an erection lmao
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Not hitting the gym for at least 3 months with a personal trainer and being stuck with saddlebags and droopy other bits for all eternity would scorch my butter. Also, having a giant stress zit in the "North Star" position of your face. If I had to go through eternity with a pooch AND a giant nipple sprouting from my face, I'd go straight to Aro and ask for a mercy killing.
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As gross as it is, if you're pregnant and the baby dies within you, I'm pretty sure it would come out. When women have miscarriages, it comes out, some on it's own and some with a doctor. After a long, extended period of time, it definitely wouldn't stay in there.
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7777Melis7777 wrote:Being in the middle of a huge blood drive. Talk about will power XD
Haha! That's the first time I've smiled today. Thank you! :)
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