worst scenarios to get stuck in once changed into a vampire

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This is one of those ideas that could get really funny really fast.

I'm going to go with this.

Anyone seen Hancock?

Remember when they're in the prison and Will Smith's character threatens to shove one guy's head up another guy's butt and he actually does it?

Right then. :shock:

That would be unpleasant.
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leahfellinlovwithtwilight wrote:first of all, it is my belief that the baby gets changed too, mainly because the blood goes through them too, and they share everything. its just stuck in you forever. and the period thing, i think that it's not possible, because all the bodily functions (like that) sort of stop. i think a worst possible scenario is getting changed is getting changed like when (if your a girl) like alice, you like shaved your head or something equally ridiculous
I don't think the hair thing is really bad, because you could always get a wig. And use superglue or something.

But yes, the baby most likely does get changed, because the mother's blood provides nutrients for the fetus.

However, when the mother is a vampire, and her "unborn" child is changed, how does the baby get blood while still in the mother's body? Does the blood o through the umbilical cord?

And it's you're, not your. Grammar freak here.
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