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Post by Edl0ver »

atrociousprincess wrote:I definitely pictured Edward with NO body hair, probably because of all the marble and statue references :lol: Anyway, I'm crossing my fingers that Rob's chest is unhairy in the movie...that would totally ruin the meadow scene for me :(
AGREED! I cry just thinking about it. :cry: lol! jk
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Post by ashley_nicole00 »

sorry to break it to you guys, but Edward does have a small amount of chest hair. Check the Entertainment Weekly Cover on SM site.

His shirt is hanging open, and i believe i see a small amount of hair.

He is still unbelievably gorgeous. I would have been happy to see him hairless also.
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Post by CanadianAlice »

Edward shouldn't have a hairy chest, wax it Rob, wax it you beautiful boy!
I want to sparkle like Edward!
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Post by YourFavoriteAries »

CanadianAlice wrote:Edward shouldn't have a hairy chest, wax it Rob, wax it you beautiful boy!
That made me laugh out loud literally.

But yeah, never pictured him with hair. And his lack of a six pack is a huge issue. I know it shouldn't be but...it is...

I ship Jasper and Alice more then Edward and Bella and I feel absolutely no shame.
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CanadianAlice wrote:Edward shouldn't have a hairy chest, wax it Rob, wax it you beautiful boy!
ROFL! *dies* That just made me snort..

But I agree, Edward is not a hairy chest kind of guy!
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depends. whatever stephenie meyer finds attractive

Post by VictorianVampire »

I dont imagine Edward with no chest hair.
Bald chests just remind me of pre-pubescent boys........O_O
Lol...I'm sure he'll appreciate this. --->
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