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Amor wrote: I was going to say the exact same thing! And I don't know about all of you but back in my high school days I NEVER remember seeing teachers in the lunch room unless there was a problem.
Well I can say that's definitely changed...

At my school there are always PLENTY of teachers in the lunch room. But then again...There are about 400 kids per lunch shift and maybe 20 teachers. That's more students then there are at Forks High...

Allot of people are saying no one would notice but allot of people are really interested in the Cullens. I mean, They aren't just your normal kids that blend in people do watch them. Especially when they were new, you know allot of people had their eyes on them.

I would guess if anyone got too suspicious Edward would pick up on it and they would all eat for a bit to keep up the act.

Alice may be small but I don't think she's anorexic looking. There is a difference between being really small and skinny and being anorexic. Most people can tell...

I ship Jasper and Alice more then Edward and Bella and I feel absolutely no shame.
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