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Post by Aninami »

When I first read Twilight, and read about them just looking off into space and not eating I was literally like "OMGZ, Emo anorexic beautiful people!"

I'm sure the Cullen's would come up with some way to get out of any mess they get into.

Or Alice would foresee a teacher talking to them about it and alert everyone to start fake eating at lunch.
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Post by Crusader For Literature »

I think it's almost rediculous how oblivious everyone in Forks is.
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Post by m9organ »

I don't think the teachers would notice. (like everyone else already said)
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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

i dont think anyone would notice..i cant remember the last time i ate at school (well i finished about a month ago but when i was at school i mean,) and no one has ever commented on my lack of food..!
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Anorexic Cullens

Post by porXsiempre »

I was totally thinking that! I think no one teacherly would notice, and if they did the Cullens are pretty intimidating. I'm sure gossip goes around though.
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Post by pinkisthenewfi »

yeah im guessing that probably everyone in the school had gossiped about thier eating (i should say non-eating!) when they arrived. but just like every other bit of gossip it gets ignored by teachers and soon enough forgotten by the gossipers!
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Post by Liza Loo »

People barely look them in the eye as it is because they're all both so gorgeous and intimidating, so I think it's just the same concept. They're also built to be beautiful to their "prey," so I doubt anyone even sees them as having a problem.
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Post by mariaferzillah »

Yeah, since Carlisle, their father is a very important doctor, and they look healthy, I don't think so. And if a teacher notices something, they wouldn't say anything, the Cullens being really intimidating. Oh, and they fake to eat, once in a while. And Edward, Jasper and Alice's abilities are really helpful. Besides, they always come up with something.
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Post by thesunshinekid »

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Alice described as "thin in the extreme" (or something like that?). And given that she's so short, I'm sure a few people might worry - she's thin from her time at the asylum and naturally small - but since no one sees her eat and she is so thin and small, I know if I saw that in the cafeteria I would wonder if her growth was stunted by some serious eating disorder. And given that the rest of her family doesn't eat, I would wonder that maybe the wonderful doctor wasn't quite being responsible with his family.

Of course, that might be a testament to the obliviousness of Forks, the intimidating quality to the vampires, or maybe just to the apathy of teenagers, who wouldn't bother saying anything.
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Post by Genevieve »

lol i think this issue of anorexia would be made worse if a girl was already skinny during human life and was changed to a vampire.
she would be even more angular and to the extent of bony.
Plus the not eating thing, people would really wonder then.
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