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Post by dragon-girl »

Almost all Scottish schools (and English ones) start at 9am and go till roughly 3:30.

Mine starts at nine, we have two periods, each 55 mins, then a 15 minute break. Another 2 periods then luch at 12:55. 5th period starts at 1:50. 6th finishes at 3:40.

A lot of kids stay at school, and we have to eat in the lunch hall. We're allowed to go down the street to the shops and stuff as well. But it's a fairly small town.
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Post by teenibopper1 »

our school is in session from 7:45-3:00, but we have to be waiting for the bus an hour earlier. I have lunch @ 12:10, and I think the earliest is 11:30. We eat in the cafeteria. (unless you have lunch detention, then you eat with the teacher you got in trouble with)

There are some skin and bones people in our school, but the one in my lunch period eats, so I figure she barfs. It's a classic case, with baggy clothes and self-consciosness. she has hair all over, it is to help her keep warm without her fatty layer.
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Post by Kissa »

teenibopper1 wrote:It's a classic case, with baggy clothes and self-consciosness. she has hair all over, it is to help her keep warm without her fatty layer.

Also called, low self-esteem. Been there done that.

But not all anorectis/bulimics are like that. Quite a few are not, and it's hard to discover.

So the "are the Cullen and Hale kids anorectic" probably isn't the most popular discussion in the staff-room... :wink:
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Post by unbornbella »

teacher-*walks up to Rose* Honey I know your secret.
Rose- What?! Who told you! Was it that rat Bella?
Teacher- Rose, no need to over react! It wasnt Bella, but even if it was she would be a good friend if she told me.
Rose- What are you going to do?
Teacher- I am going to get you some help!
Rose- How the hell can you help me?! I'm a vampire!
Teacher- What *motionless*
Rose- isnt that what you meant?
teacher- *shakes head* I thought you were anorexic
Rose- Oh *looks around* well then. *lifts up teacher and kills her*
Rose- Thats taken care of.
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Post by lespritdescalier »

Excerpted bit from Midnight Sun that might help explain things:

I reached for the closest thing, and held her eyes while I bite off a small bite of whatever it was. Without looking, I couldn't tell. It was as slimy and chunky and repulsive as any other human food. I chewed swiftly and swallowed, trying to keep the grimace off my face. The gob of food moved slowly and uncomfortably down my throat. I sighed as I thought of how I would have to choke it back up later. Disgusting.

Bella's expression was shocked. Impressed.

I wanted to roll my eyes. Of course we would have perfected such deceptions.

hope this helps...
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Post by Ostentatious6277 »

I doubt it. I mean, there's plenty of kids at my school, which is smaller than Forks' school. The teachers don't say anything to the kids who don't eat. No one says anything. I doubt it's an issue.
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Post by lisajane »

I don't think that would notice, but if they did, I would think that because Carlisle is a doctor, he's looking after them.
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Post by *SaraBee* »

What is it with all of these schools starting late into 7 o'clock or 8? At my school you have to clock into homeroom at 7:10 or you get marked as 'tardy'.
I'm getting jipped!!! :shock:
But, to stay relevant to the conversation, on A days I eat right after 2nd period, so I would say around 11:30-ish.
Then on B days I have 2nd lunch and eat at around 12:05, which is halfway through 3rd period.
(Where I go, our schedule is a bit unorthodox 4 classes per day, each class being 80 minutes)

But like most people have said, barely anybody eats the school food.
Eating it would be far unhealthier than skipping a meal.
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Post by tiffi »

hey guys i hav an anerxic/belumic friend, and A LOT of girls crash diet, and worry about that so it would be easy to miss. Plus ive noticed the cullens were sort of the perfect shadows of the school, everyones intimidated so no one is intrested. Also, you take one look at emmett-you cant doubt that he looks well fed. and they all look fit
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Post by Mirrorbay2000 »

I've actually wondered about this alot.

My only argument to everyone elses 'I don't notice, so why would the Forks students' argument is how many kids eat at one time during your lunch? My school cafeteria is a horseshoe with five lunch periods, each serving roughly 600 kids per period (I go to a big school.)

The size of my school is so big, I couldn't tell you the names of all the kids I sit with at lunch. There's two people I sit with every other day, and I have no clue what grade their even in. At Forks, everyone knows everyone. You would notice if someone was eating or not. There's three hundred kids.

Also, at my school, you don't have to buy just a hot lunch. There's a variety of drinks, chips, snacks, and salads. Most kids who don't eat buy a water every day. That's usually what I do.

The Cullen's buy a lunch, they just don't eat it. Like Charlie, I'm sure the students just ignore it now. I'm sure it was something to gossip about when they first came there, and now it just adds to the mystery.
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